The NMRO enforces several areas of European legislation associated with the environment.

This collection brings together the work of the National Measurement and Regulation Office (NMRO) Enforcement Authority.

The NMRO also provide email alerts, with occasional updates for each area of legislation enforced. For a free subscription, please follow the link below:

To submit an enquiry to NMRO Enforcement please use the online system.

Every area of legislation covered by NMRO enforcement has it’s own detailed guide which can be accessed below:

Electrical and vehicle sourcing and recycling

The NMRO is also responsible for enforcing parts of two other areas of legislation. Links to guidance on each are shown below:

  1. RoHS: compliance and guidance

    • 15 April 2014
    • Detailed guide
  2. Placing batteries on the market: producer responsibility

    • 28 January 2015
    • Detailed guide
  3. Waste batteries: producer responsibility

    • 26 June 2014
    • Detailed guide
  4. Vehicle manufacturers and importers: end-of-life vehicles regulations

    • 1 April 2015
    • Detailed guide


  1. EU timber regulation: guidance for business and industry

    • 2 April 2014
    • Detailed guide
  2. FLEGT scheme guidance

    • 31 July 2014
    • Detailed guide

Genetic resources

  1. ABS: compliance and guidance

    • 2 June 2015
    • Detailed guide