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The Ecodesign of Energy Related Products: compliance and guidance

Complying with the ecodesign of energy related products regulations for manufacturers, importers and authorised representatives.

The Ecodesign of Energy Related Products Directive 2009/125/EC is a framework directive which primarily focuses on energy in use by setting minimum requirements for energy consuming products which:

  • have a volume of sales that exceeds 200,000 units per year throughout the internal European market - this is an accumulative total and not one calculated on an individual producer basis
  • have a significant environmental impact within the internal market
  • present significant potential for improvement in environmental impact without incurring excessive costs

The objective is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other adverse environmental impacts throughout the life-cycle of a product with emphasis placed on the design and development stages of a product with a view to improving its energy efficiency.


The European Commission has produced guidance on the Ecodesign Directive and its implementing measures. This includes a frequently asked questions document, together with further guidelines.


The Energy Related Products Directive is implemented via product specific Commission regulations.

The Commission regulations currently in force are summarised on the Commission website

The Directive is part of UK law under the Energy Related Products Regulations 2010 as amended by the Ecodesign for Energy-Related Products and Energy Information (Amendment) Regulations 2016.

This regulation provides Regulatory Delivery with the power to impose civil sanctions and to recover testing costs where appropriate for which guidance can be downloaded below.

Civil sanctions guidance

The published guidance also contains an enforcement undertaking form.

Enforcement undertaking form