Countryside Stewardship forms

Use these forms to apply for or support a Countryside Stewardship agreement.

See the main Countryside Stewardship page for information about the scheme.

Higher Tier

Mid Tier and Higher Tier: joint forms

  1. Countryside Stewardship: building maintenance plan and log

    • Form
  2. Countryside Stewardship: building wildlife assessment

    • Form
  3. Countryside Stewardship: common land and shared grazing form

    • Form
  4. Countryside Stewardship: consent for soil sampling on scheduled monuments

    • Form
  5. Countryside Stewardship: HS6 and HS7 structural maintenance plan and record forms

    • Form
  6. Countryside Stewardship: livestock record-keeping

    • Form
  7. Countryside Stewardship: organic viability plan

    • Form
  8. Permanent grassland assessment form: Countryside Stewardship

    • Form
  9. Countryside Stewardship: ponds for wildlife and historic interest assessment

    • Form
  10. Runoff and soil erosion risk assessment: Countryside Stewardship

    • Form

Hedgerows and boundaries

You can also use Rural Payments to apply online for a hedgerows and boundaries grant.

Woodland support

You can also use Rural Payments to apply online for a woodland management plan grant.

Facilitation fund

Other forms

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