Water and sewerage services


  1. Water abstraction: transfer an abstraction or impoundment licence

    Application form to transfer an abstraction licence or impoundment licence.

  2. Drilling for minerals: notice of intent form and guidance

    Form WR11 for operators or organisations who intend to drill for minerals to comply with the Water Resources Act 1991 (Section 199(1))

  3. Application for new ground source or surface water source heating and cooling scheme: part B8

    Part B8 application form and guidance notes

  4. Form WR80: application for a drought permit

    Application form for a water company drought permit

  5. Hydroelectric power schemes: pre-application

    Use form (WR315) and guidance (WR316) for a pre-application for hydro-electric power schemes.

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Guidance and regulation

  1. Abstraction Licences Charging Scheme
  2. The private sewers transfer regulations
  3. Sustainable drainage systems: non-statutory technical standards
  4. Managing water abstraction
  5. Choose a water supplier for your business
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News and communications

  1. Thames Water fined £2m for “foreseeable and avoidable” pollution
  2. Thames Tideway Tunnel to bring benefits worth up to almost £13bn
  3. Thames Tideway Tunnel: government support package contract documents
  4. New guide will better connect our new homes to vital services
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Research and statistics

  1. London basin chalk aquifer annual status report
  2. Land contamination: remedial targets methodology (RTM)
  3. Environment Agency Sustainable Business Report 2012
  4. Food and drink manufacturing water demand projections to 2050
  5. Monitoring and assessment of environmental impacts of droughts: literature synthesis
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Policy papers and consultations

  1. Water supply and sewerage licensing: updating security and emergency measures directions
  2. Water supply and sewerage licencing regime: standard licence conditions
  3. Wear abstraction licensing strategy
  4. Tyne abstraction licensing strategy
  5. Strategic policy statement to Ofwat: incorporating social and environmental guidance
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Transparency and freedom of information releases

  1. The Waterways Ombudsman
  2. Economics of shale gas
  3. Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) files regarding 3 prosecutions
  4. Thames Tideway Tunnel (TTT) Project Preparatory Works Notice
  5. Letter from Richard Benyon MP to water and sewerage companies
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