Adult and community learning

Improve your English, maths and IT skills. Adult education budget, discretionary learner support management.


  1. Improve your English, maths and IT skills

    Improve skills like reading, writing, maths or Information and Communication Technology (ICT) - courses, qualifications, find a course and help

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Guidance and regulation

  1. Adult education budget funding and performance management rules 2018 to 2019
  2. ESFA financial assurance: monitoring the funding rules
  3. Adult education budget funding rules
  4. Devolution of adult education functions: the transition year - memorandum of understanding
  5. Licence-linked qualifications used in private security
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News and communications

  1. ESFA funded adult education budget 2019 to 2020 illustrative allocations issued
  2. Consultation into regulating Basic Digital Skills Qualifications
  3. Basic Digital Skills: letters from DfE and Ofqual
  4. New funds to boost diversity of people working in digital and tech jobs
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Research and statistics

  1. Community learning
  2. Community learning mental health research project
  3. Evaluation of the 18 to 21 work skills pilot 1: final report
  4. Adult education: why adults decide to study
  5. Improving engagement and attainment in maths and English courses
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Policy papers and consultations

  1. Regulating Basic Digital Skills Qualifications
  2. Improving adult basic digital skills
  3. West Cumbria Works: a socio-economic investment project
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