Darwin Plus: forms and guidance on how to apply for funding through the Overseas Territories Environment and Climate Fund (Darwin Plus)

The 2015 application window for Darwin Plus is not yet open. Previous applicants and interested parties will be alerted by e-mail. Please contact Darwin-applications@LTSI.co.uk to be added to the Darwin mailing list.

How to apply

Once Darwin Plus is open for applications you will need to:

  • read the guidance note (not yet available)
  • complete the application form (not yet available)
  • complete the budget form (not yet available) and submit it with your application

A separate application form is available for those applying for Darwin Plus Fellowship funding and will also be made available in due course.

When to apply

The timetable for Darwin Plus Round 4 applications will be made available later this year.

Who can apply

Darwin Plus funding is open to anyone as long as the project itself will provide benefits to one or more of the UK’s OTs. Applicants can include:

  • OT governments
  • non-governmental organisations
  • research institutions
  • the private sector
  • other stakeholders

The 14 Overseas Territories are:

Level of funding

There is no specific minimum or maximum level for a Darwin Plus project. Projects must benefit one or more of the UK OTs by to protecting and enhancing their biodiversity or addressing wider environment or climate-related issues.

Case Study

Before completing the application form, you might like to take a look at a case study showing an example of a successful Darwin Plus project.