Guidance and regulation

  1. Building a Stronger Britain Together
  2. UK national action plan on women, peace and security 2018 to 2022 guidance note: preventing and countering violent extremism
  3. Channel: data privacy notice
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News and communications

  1. Counter Terrorism Policing security advice
  2. Ringing endorsement for ACT Awareness eLearning
  3. Counter Terrorism Policing wants you to put security at the top of your festive list
  4. Sara Khan’s speech at Leeds Council
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Research and statistics

  1. Inter-rater reliability of the Extremism Risk Guidelines 22+ (ERG 22+)
  2. Building a Stronger Britain Together (BSBT) progress report 2019
  3. Mainstreaming Islamism: Islamist institutions and civil society organisations
  4. Challenging Hateful Extremism
  5. Mainstream Islamism in Britain: Educating for the “Islamic Revival”
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Policy papers and consultations

  1. Conflict, Stability and Security Fund: programme summaries for Africa 2019 to 2020
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