Specialist Employability Support

Specialist Employability Support provides mentoring and training to help you into work if you’re disabled and can’t use other employment programmes.

You can apply if you can’t get the specialist help you need from other government programmes or schemes, such as Access to Work, Work Choice and the Work Programme.

To apply you must:

Help you can get

There are 2 types of support available. The one best suited to your needs will be determined through an initial assessment. You’ll get either:

  • the Specialist Employability Support Start Back Provision, which provides intensive support and training for up to 6 months

  • the Specialist Employability Support Main Provision, which provides longer-term support and training for an agreed length of time (usually 12 months)

How to apply

Contact your local Jobcentre Plus to apply. You’ll be assessed by a provider and they’ll tell you when your support can start.

Support organisations

You’ll be able to choose the organisation that supports you. The main organisations include: