Guidance and regulation

  1. Council Tax: empty homes premium
  2. Students and Council Tax: guidance
  3. Council Tax information letter: definitions of empty homes and second homes
  4. Collection of Council Tax arrears
  5. Council Tax (Discount Disregards) Amendment Order 2011: Council Tax and students
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News and communications

  1. Council Tax freeze grants 2015 to 2016
  2. 100 councils set to freeze Council Tax as authorities sit on £30 billion
  3. Council Tax rises in Surrey
  4. Local government: delivering for England
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Research and statistics

  1. Local Council Tax support schemes: an independent review
  2. Good practice in local government savings
  3. Non-domestic rates collected by local councils in England: forecast for 2014 to 2015
  4. Collection rates for Council Tax and non-domestic rates in England, 2013 to 2014
  5. Parishes and other local precepting authorities in England: 2013 to 2014
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Policy papers and consultations

  1. Local government pension scheme: opportunities for collaboration, cost savings and efficiencies
  2. Final Council Tax freeze grant allocations 2015 to 2016
  3. Council Tax freeze grant determination 2015 to 2016
  4. 2010 to 2015 government policy: Council Tax reform
  5. Spending Review 2010: housebuilder deregulation - final report
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Transparency and freedom of information releases

  1. Local Adaptation Advisory Panel (LAAP)
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