Trees and woodland

The Forestry Commission has guidance on managing woodlands and minimising damage to them.

Tree felling and Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs)

You must get written consent from your local planning authority before you damage or destroy, uproot, top or lop any trees that are protected by TPOs.

You must also give 42 days’ written notice to your local planning authority if you wish to cut down any tree in a conservation area.

You may need a felling licence from the Forestry Commission to fell trees.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of forestry projects

You need an EIA if you’re:

  • creating new woodland
  • permanently removing woodland
  • doing forest road works
  • doing forest-related quarrying

You may also need permission from the Forestry Commission before you begin the work.

Funding for woodlands

Grants for woodland are available under the Countryside Stewardship and the Woodland Carbon Fund.