Protecting rural landscapes and features

Dry stone walls

Stone walls of all types are important as landscape features and for stock management. Dry stone walls are walls made without the use of mortar or cement.

If you have dry stone walls on your land, you should:

  • check their condition at least once a year
  • remove any vegetation to help to ‘air’ the wall and prevent frost damage
  • use local stone to make any repairs
  • prevent trees from growing alongside, as their roots can weaken wall foundations

You mustn’t remove a dry stone wall, or remove stone from it, except in special cases.

Contact the Dry Stone Walling Association for more information.

Dry Stone Walling Association
Telephone: 01539 567 953
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Funding for dry stone walls

Environmental Stewardship funding is available to farmers and land managers for dry stone wall management.

Payments for dry stone walls are also available under the Single Payment Scheme.