How to claim

Housing Benefit is being replaced by Universal Credit. Most people will need to claim Universal Credit instead.

Check if you’re eligible for Housing Benefit before you apply.

You can either apply:

You’ll need to provide evidence to support your Housing Benefit claim.

If you’re applying for Pension Credit

You can apply for Housing Benefit as part of your Pension Credit application.

Apply for Pension Credit online or contact the Pension Service to claim.

The Pension Service will send details of your claim for Housing Benefit to your council.

Pension Service
Telephone: 0800 99 1234
Textphone: 0800 169 0133
Relay UK (if you cannot hear or speak on the phone): 18001 then 0800 99 1234
Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm
Find out about call charges

Claiming in advance and backdating

You can claim in advance by up to 13 weeks (or 17 weeks if you’re aged 60 or over), for example if you’re moving. You will not usually get any money before you move.

You might also be able to get your claim backdated - ask your council.

Appeal a decision 

If you’re unhappy with a housing benefit decision, you can challenge the decision by:

  • asking the council to review their decision
  • appealing against it at a tribunal

Get help and advice when appealing a decision

You can get free help and advice from:

You can also seek advice from a legal adviser or solicitor.