Import and export forms

If you're a UK-based business, use these forms when importing or exporting goods into or out of the UK.


Apply for an EORI number or get reports from EORI registered traders.

Get an EORI number

Get EORI reports

Commonly used import and export forms

Apply for Transfer of Residence relief (ToR1)

Report incorrect Customs Duty or VAT on items imported by post (BOR286)

Apply for repayment or remission of import duties (C285)

Movement Certificate EUR1 (C1299)

Movement Certificate EUR-MED (C1300)

Apply for approved exporter status (C1454)

Make a cash declaration (C9011)

Apply for Inward Processing Relief (SP3)

Apply for a Customs Comprehensive Guarantee

Give a Customs Comprehensive Guarantee from an approved guarantor (CCG2)

Use the Single Administrative Document (C88(1-8)) and associated forms when you are manually processing import and export declarations.

Authorisation, applications and approvals forms

Make requests and applications and get approvals and authorisations for importing and exporting to and from the UK.

CHIEF forms

Use these forms for access to Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight(CHIEF) and to request or change CHIEF entries.

Customs special procedures forms

Make claims, declarations and applications using customs special procedures.

Clearance of goods forms

Request the clearance of goods being imported to or exported from the UK.

Declaration forms

Declare goods entering or leaving the UK from outside of the EU.

Financial: guarantees, payments and deferments

Use these forms for payments, repayments, guarantees and defermentsto and from HMRC.

Reliefs and discharges when importing or exporting

Claim reliefs or discharges when importing or exporting goods to or from the UK.

SIVA and VAT international trade forms

Use these SIVA and VAT forms when trading internationally or to apply for Simplified Import VAT Accounting (SIVA).

Use these forms to make alcohol duty applications, claims, payments and returns and read associated guides, notes, helpsheets and supplementary pages.

Make Fuel Duty applications and returns, and claim reliefs by using these forms.

Find the Tobacco Products Duty forms you need and read any associated guides, notes, helpsheets and supplementary pages.

International Maritime Organisation (IMO) forms

Use these forms for making International Maritime Organisation declarations

Published 4 April 2014