Guarantee deferment of payment to HMRC (C1201)

Use form C1201 to guarantee deferred payment to HMRC.


Guarantee deferment of payment to HMRC (C1201)


You can use this form to guarantee a duty deferment payment due to HMRC through your duty deferment account. This form must be completed and submitted by your financial institution.

If you’re applying for a duty deferment account to use in Great Britain, we’ll tell you if you need to get a guarantee from your financial institution during the application process.

You should not submit a C1201 unless we ask you to do so as part of our assessment of your application for a duty deferment account.

Your Guarantor will need to complete the C1201 or C1201A (for an amendment) and then it must be approved by the Prudential Regulation Authority under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.

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Import and export: amendment to form C1201 - deferment guarantee (C1201A)
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Published 4 April 2014
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