Radiation: HPA-CRCE scientific and technical report series

Reports relating to radiation, and chemicals and poisons topics.

When part of the Health Protection Agency the Centre for Radiation, Chemicals and Environmental Hazards (CRCE) produced numerous publications concerning radiation and chemical topics. This report series contains publications of substantial scientific work carried out by CRCE.

The full HPA-CRCE series is available on the UK Government Web Archive.

More recent reports on radiation, and chemicals and poisons topics since 2013 have been published in the PHE-CRCE series.


  1. Radionuclides: assessing reliability of dose coefficients from ingestion and inhalation by members of the public
  2. Radionuclides: re-evaluation of soil to plant transfer factors
  3. Radon: targeted survey of Northern Ireland homes
  4. Radiation: association with childhood cancer
  5. Radioiodine using hand-held instruments: thyroid monitoring guidance
  6. Dental radiography equipment and patient dose: review
  7. Radon: targeted survey of Scottish homes
  8. Environmental radioactivity surveillance programme: 2011 results
  9. Dalgety Bay beach users: scoping health risk assessment
  10. Radionuclides: transfer to fruit species in the UK
  11. Groundhog Synergy beach monitoring system: alpha-rich objects
  12. Radioactive materials: transport in the UK, 2011 review
  13. Environmental radioactivity surveillance programme: 2010 results
  14. Radiotherapy errors and near misses: biennial report
  15. Radiographic, fluoroscopic and dental x-rays: patient dose audits
  16. Passive radon detectors: results of the 2011 HPA intercomparison
  17. Dental panoramic radiography equipment: measurement of X-ray beams
  18. Nasal clearance by particle transport: human biokinetics
  19. Monitoring by nose blow sampling
  20. R91 and NAME III models: an intercomparison
  21. Medical x-rays: radiation risks by age and sex of patient
  22. Calculating A1, A2 and exemption values: methodology review
  23. Nitrogen dioxide: workshop for research on the health effects
  24. Technetium transfer to terrestrial crops and animal products
  25. Transport of radioactive materials: UK incidents 2010
  26. Radon: indicative atlas in Scotland
  27. Environmental radioactivity surveillance programme: 2009 results
  28. Light bulbs containing tritium, krypton-85 and thorium radioisotopes: radiological impact
  29. Solar ultraviolet radiation in Great Britain: 1989 to 2008
  30. Radon: analysis of remediation methods
  31. Radioactive objects on beaches near Sellafield: health risks
  32. Radiation monitoring units: planning and operational guidance
  33. Non-laser optical radiation in entertainment: exposure assessment
  34. Radon in homes: England and Wales 2010 data review
  35. Internal radioactive contamination: guidance on screening people
  36. Domestic radon programme in England: evaluation and equity audit
  37. Medical and dental x-rays: frequency and collective doses in the UK
  38. Children's Environment and Health Action Plan (CEHAP)
  39. Dental cone beam computed tomography: safe usage
  40. Environmental radioactivity surveillance programme: 2007 and 2008 results
  41. Light bulbs containing radionuclides: transport and disposal
  42. HPA personal thermoluminescence dosemeter (TLD)
  43. Non-aqueous liquids: exemption or exclusion levels
  44. Derivation of liquid exclusion or exemption levels
  45. Generalised derived constraints for specific radioisotopes
  46. Transport of radioactive materials: UK incidents 2009
  47. NORM wastes: conditional exemption limits
Published 1 August 2013