Radiation: PHE-CRCE report series

Series of reports from the PHE Centre for Radiation, Chemicals and Environmental Hazards (CRCE).

This series replaces the previous HPA-CRCE series and contains substantial scientific work carried out by the Centre for Radiation, Chemicals and Environmental Hazards (CRCE), including work on radiation, chemicals, poisons, and health effects of climate change and extreme events.

Reports in the CRCE series are usually made available in full on this website as PDF (portable document format) files. Please note that PDFs may incorporate a number of blank pages to facilitate printing.

PHE-CRCE-061 to 070

PHE-CRCE-051 to 060

PHE-CRCE-041 to 050

PHE-CRCE-031 to 040

PHE-CRCE-021 to 030

PHE-CRCE-011 to 020

PHE-CRCE-001 to 010

Published 9 August 2014
Last updated 1 September 2021 + show all updates
  1. Added 'Intercomparison of passive radon detectors: 2019' to 'PHE-CRCE-051 to 060'; created new group 'PHE-CRCE-061 to 070'.

  2. Added 'Results of the 2020 intercomparison of passive radon detectors'.

  3. Added 'Management of radioactive liquids: review of regulatory framework'.

  4. Updated Dental radiographic X-ray imaging: dose to patients.

  5. Added Intercomparison of passive radon detectors: 2018 results.

  6. Added 'Radiation: marine dispersion model parameters for UK sites'.

  7. Added 'Dental radiographic X-ray imaging: dose to patients'.

  8. Added 'Radiation: consequence assessment methodology for REPPIR-2019'.

  9. Added 'Public Health Protection in Radiation Emergencies 2019.'

  10. Added 'Radiation: reference values for Schedule 1 of REPPIR-2019'.

  11. Added 'Radon: performance of basic protection in new homes' and 'Radiation: doses from inhalation of resuspended materials'.

  12. Added 'Extremity dosemeter intercomparison: 2016 report'.

  13. Added 'Passive remediation of Radon in UK homes'.

  14. Added: UK National Radon Action Plan

  15. Added 'Intercomparison of passive radon detectors: 2016 results' to the PHE-CRCE-041 to 050 section.

  16. New report added: Human plutonium biokinetics: a compilation of experimental data

  17. Added ‘Potential impact of changes to exemption and clearance’ to ‘PHE-CRCE-031 to 040’

  18. PHE Intercomparison of passive radon detectors added to collection

  19. New report added: Survey of the transport of radioactive material by road and rail

  20. Added 2016 UK radon reports.

  21. Added new report: Ultraviolet radiation, vitamin D and health.

  22. Added PHE-CRCE-028: radon in workplace basements.

  23. Added PHE-CRCE-027: environmental radioactivity surveillance programme 2014 results.

  24. Added PHE-CRCE-026: Ionising Radiation Exposure of the UK Population: 2010 Review.

  25. Added PHE-CRCE-025 to the collection.

  26. The 'Doses from computed tomography (CT) examinations in the UK report' has been uploaded.

  27. First published.