Research and analysis

Radon: targeted survey of Northern Ireland homes

This report (HPA-CRCE-046) gives details of a programme that identified Northern Ireland homes with high levels of radon concentrations.


HPA-CRCE-046: radon in Northern Ireland homes - report of a targeted survey


A programme, supported by funding from the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA), identified homes with radon concentrations above the Action Level of 200 Bq m-3 in the Armagh, Cookstown and Dungannon areas of Northern Ireland. Householders in the areas where the radon potential is at least 5% were contacted by letter and offered a free radon test. Where high levels were found, householders were encouraged to reduce radon concentrations. The programme commenced in January 2011 and was based on the current radon atlas of Northern Ireland.

Householders accepting the offer were sent measurement kits by post; these were placed in homes for 3 months to measure the concentration of radon. The householders received a report of the results and were advised whether action was necessary to reduce radon levels. Further advice was given to householders when required from the NIEA or from officers from their local council.

Around 540 householders were invited to participate; about 35% accepted the offer. Of these, 6 homes were identified above the UK radon Action Level of 200 Bq m-3 and 17 measured between the Target Level of 100 Bq m-3 and the Action Level.

Published 1 March 2013