Military Aviation Authority training courses

Air safety training courses for the defence aviation community.

The Military Aviation Authority (MAA) provides courses for military, civil service, contracted civilian and foreign military students at the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom.

The MAA’s Mission is to enhance the delivery of operational capability through the continual improvement in military Air Safety, appropriate culture, regulation and practice.

The MAA Air Safety Training (AST) Team are responsible for the delivery and management of a coherent and comprehensive training portfolio for the Defence Aviation Environment Regulated Community and relevant MAA personnel and beyond to assist with continual improvement in military Air Safety and to embed appropriate culture.

The MAA AST Team comprises the Centre of Air Safety Training (CoAST), Trenchard Building, Defence Academy, Shrivenham, and colleagues based at Abbey Wood North, Juniper Building.

The AST Team deliver first class Air Safety Training to Military, Civil Servants, Contracted Civilians and Foreign Military delegates. We manage and oversee a comprehensive suite of Air Safety Training courses at the Defence Academy and selected locations, working with specialists from across Defence Aviation and external Subject Matter Experts (SME) such as Baines Simmons and the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to ensure Air Safety Training is relevant, appropriate and consistent with JSP822 in the current operating environment.

Please see below a list of MAA courses with links to further information about each course and details of how to apply:

Operator air safety training

Safety training for error prevention (STEP)

The below STEP suite of courses replaces the DAEMS (Defence Aviation Error Management System) contract from April 2018 onwards. If you have any queries about this please contact Your STEP organisation POC. STEP courses can also be provided at military units within the UK by request via the STEP POC for your organisation.

Flying display symposium and training

To promote Air Safety related advice, training and guidance within the Air Display environment.

Integrity airworthiness and engineering air safety

Defence aviation human factors

The Defence Aviation Human Factors Centre of Excellence provides human factors training at RAF Cranwell and offers the following courses:

  1. Human factors training courses

Course application forms

Military Aviation Authority (MAA), human factors and Safety Training for Error Prevention (STEP) course application forms. Details of where to send completed forms to can be found in the individual application forms

  1. MAA course application forms

Course date Information

Course dates for Military Aviation Authority (MAA) general courses, human factors and safety training for error prevention (STEP) courses.

  1. MAA course dates information
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