Declaration forms for imports and exports

Use these forms to declare goods entering or leaving the UK


  1. Change or cancel a Simplified Frontier Declaration
  2. Request partial entry print of import and export data
  3. Make an amendment to export declarations (C81)
  4. Provide information about the customs value of goods being imported (C105A)
  5. Provide information if you calculate customs value in a different way (C105B)
  6. Temporary admission - inventory/document to support an oral customs declaration (C108)
  7. Tell HMRC about the temporary arrival of a non-EU private motor vehicle for personal use (C110)
  8. General declaration for inward or outward flights (C155)
  9. Declare re-importation of an unaccompanied private motor vehicle from outside the EU (C179B)
  10. Declare any weapons on board an aircraft (C913)
  11. Declare imported decorations and awards where relief from duty and VAT is claimed (C920)
  12. Declare imports of antiques that are over 100 years old (C920A)
  13. Amend an export declaration that contains an export refund claim (C1221)
  14. Declare returned goods relief on postal importations (C1309)
  15. Declare pleasure craft on non-EU voyages leaving or arriving in the UK (C1331)
  16. Customs declaration for passengers leaving the UK (C1336)
  17. Submit a notification of exit of goods (C1602 departure)
  18. Amend import or export licence declarations (C1700)
  19. Declare cash amounts of 10,000 euros or more when leaving or entering EU (C9011)
  20. Record a certificate of posting of goods (C&E132)
  21. Declare Returned Goods Relief when using duplicate lists (C&E1246)
  22. Trader submission form header for declarations to the National Clearance Hub (NCH1)
Published 4 April 2014