Transport security

Creating safe transport networks, criminal record checks, regulations for transport employees.


  1. Protective transport personnel security regulation: appointment of a counter-signatory

    Application form for a governing body to pass responsibility for managing national security vetting applications to a contractor.

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Guidance and regulation

  1. National security vetting in the regulated transport industry
  2. Using bollards to reduce threats from vehicles (TAL 02/13)
  3. Transport security: offences in England and Wales which would disqualify personnel
  4. Vehicle security barriers within the streetscape (TAL 01/11)
  5. Influence of bollards on pedestrian evacuation flow (TAL 01/16)
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News and communications

  1. The changing face of disclosure and barring
  2. The Olympic Route Network Designation (Amendment) Order 2011
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Research and statistics

  1. British social attitudes survey: 2016
  2. British social attitudes survey: 2015
  3. How bollards affect crowd movement
  4. British social attitudes survey: 2014
  5. British social attitudes survey: 2013
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Transparency and freedom of information releases

  1. DfT: Sikh Kirpans policy
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