P45, P60 and P11D forms: workers' guide

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Your P60 shows the tax you’ve paid on your salary in the tax year (6 April to 5 April). You get a separate P60 for each of your jobs every tax year.

There’s a separate guide to getting P60s if you’re an employer.

If you’re working for an employer on 5 April they must give you a P60. They must provide this by 31 May, on paper or electronically.

You’ll need your P60 to prove how much tax you’ve paid on your salary, for example:

  • to claim back overpaid tax
  • to apply for tax credits
  • as proof of your income if you apply for a loan or a mortgage

You can check how much tax you paid last year if you think you might have paid too much.

If you do not have a P60

If you cannot get a P60 from your employer, you can either: