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    Closed organisation: National Measurement Office

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    • VCA enforcement transfer to the NMRO

      From April 2015 some enforcement functions carried out by the VCA will be transferred to the NMRO.

    • New Centre of Excellence

      Centre of Excellence for Technical Regulation announced.

    • NMO Certification Services invited to attend InterWeighing 2015

      NMO to attend the International weighing industry trade fair organised by China Weighing Instrument Association (CWIA) in Shanghai, China, April 2015.

    • Pre-packages Directives review: consultation now open

      Review of the 3 pre-packages Directives is now at consultation stage.

    • Report on findings of UK public dialogue on leap seconds

      Leap seconds: report on findings of the UK public dialogue.

    • Metrology seminar 2015

      Details on the next metrology seminar; information on speakers, venue and how to book.

    • Length measures International standards amendment

      International working standards for length measures: updated working documents.

    • EU consultation of RoHS exemptions

      Stakeholder consultation on exemptions from the substance restrictions in the RoHS Directive.

    • Heat networks enforcement by NMO

      The National Measurement Office has been appointed as acting competent authority to enforce the heat networks legislation in the UK.

    • NMRO investigation into special purpose lamps

      Investigation into the availability, labelling, and prevalence of 'special purpose lamps' in reference to ecodesign legislation.

    • Automatic catchweighing instruments technical documents

      Proposed amendments to Automatic catchweighing instruments technical documents.

    • Weights and Measures (Food) (Amendment) Regulations 2014 government response now published

      Weights and Measures (Food) (Amendment) Regulations 2014 consultation: government response published.

    • Medical weighing equipment video: Basic introduction

      Video for trading standards officers primarily, to support their national project and help familiarisation with medical weighing equipment.

    • NMO and AQSIQ renew Memorandum of Understanding

      Memorandum of Understanding has been renewed to share information, knowledge and business opportunities in metrology.

    • NMO at Brityrex 2014

      The NMO enforcement authority are to present their work on tyre labelling for three days at the international Brityrex exhibition.

    • Further market surveillance success from the NMO Enforcement team

      The latest work on incorrect energy labels, focusing on freezers, has resulted in a successful outcome for the National Measurement Office.

    • Automatic gravimetric filling instruments technical documents

      Proposed amendments to automatic gravimetric filling instruments technical documents.

    • Batteries directive: public views on draft 2015 regulations

      Public consultation and impact assessment on the 2015 draft regulations, following the amended batteries and accumulators directive.

    • NMO enforcement authority annual report 2013-14

      The National Measurement Office enforcement authority annual report for year ending March 2014

    • RoHS extended to medical devices and monitoring and control instruments

      From 22nd July 2014, the extent of the scope for complying with the RoHS Directive has been extended to include medical devices and monitoring and control instruments.