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The National Measurement Office (NMO) ensures fair and accurate measurements are available and used for transactions regulated by law.

NMO is an executive agency, sponsored by the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills.

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We produce detailed guidance in these categories

  1. Manufacturing regulations

    Guidance on legislation for workshops and factories producing materials, equipment, goods or appliances for industry or household. Read more

  2. Import and export of manufactured goods

    International trade regulations for materials, equipment, goods and appliances, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, aerospace and defence. Read more

  3. Increasing energy efficiency

    Reducing energy waste in companies and other organisations, community initiatives, advice for householders. Read more

  4. Scientific research and development support schemes

    Accessing funding and support schemes to develop a world-class UK research base. Read more

  5. Environmental regulations

    Guidance on legislation based on conservation and sustainability, and aimed at reducing air, water and land pollution, carbon emissions and energy use. Read more


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