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Food information to consumers: quantity labelling

New quantity labelling requirements for pre-packaged foods as of 13 December 2014.

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EU flags

New quantity labelling requirements for pre-packed foods will come into force from 13 December 2014. The EU Regulation on the Provision of Food Information to Consumers (1169/2011) will have direct effect in the UK. Businesses must comply with the requirements from 13 December 2014.

Examples of the new requirements include:

  • the net quantity (weight or volume) of pre-packaged food must be labelled
  • requirements apply to all foods intended for the final consumer or mass caterers
  • food information must not be misleading on quantity
  • quantity information must be marked directly on the package or an attached label

For more information on these new regulations and how you might be affected, please see our food information to consumers guide.

Published 16 May 2014