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HMRC internal manual

Inheritance Tax Manual

Assessing: contents

  1. IHTM31001
    Introduction: Introduction to calculations
  1. IHTM31002
    Calculations: Extraction of data for statistical purposes
Calculation principles
  1. IHTM31011
    Calculation principles: Entries
  2. IHTM31012
    Calculation principles: Assessment groups
  3. IHTM31013
    Calculation principles: Apportioning the tax charge
  4. IHTM31014
    Calculation principles: Types of calculation
  5. IHTM31015
    Calculation principles: The tax calculation (death cases)
  6. IHTM31016
    Calculation principles: The tax calculation (settlement cases)
  7. IHTM31017
    Calculation principles: Interest
  8. IHTM31018
    Calculation principles: When to raise calculations
  9. IHTM31019
    Calculation principles: Withdrawing calculations
  10. IHTM31020
    Calculation principles: Examples as to when calculations should not be withdrawn
  11. IHTM31022
    Calculation principles: Reminding for payment of calculations
Examples of calculations
  1. IHTM31030
    Examples of calculations: Calculation on death where lifetime transfers are less than the nil-rate band
  2. IHTM31031
    Examples of calculations: Calculation on death where lifetime transfers are more than the nil-rate band
  3. IHTM31032
    Examples of calculations: Calculation where there is transferable nil-rate band
  4. IHTM31033
    Examples of calculations: Calculation where there is quick succession relief (QSR)
  5. IHTM31034
    Examples of calculations: Calculation with reduced rate where part of the estate passes to charity
  6. IHTM31035
    Examples of calculations: Calculation where there is residence nil rate band
  1. IHTM31101
    COMPASS: Introduction
  2. IHTM31102
    COMPASS: Setting-up a record
  3. IHTM31103
    COMPASS: Datacapture of lifetime gifts
COMPASS: Viewing your records
  1. IHTM31111
    COMPASS: Viewing your records: The main window
  2. IHTM31112
    COMPASS: Viewing your records: Case index
  3. IHTM31113
    COMPASS: Viewing your records: Case Summary
  4. IHTM31114
    COMPASS: Viewing your records: File menu
  5. IHTM31115
    COMPASS: Viewing your records: Amend menu
  6. IHTM31116
    COMPASS: Viewing your records: Assessment menu
  7. IHTM31117
    COMPASS: Viewing your records: Options menu
  8. IHTM31118
    COMPASS: Viewing your records: Window and help menu
COMPASS: Making amendments
  1. IHTM31131
    COMPASS: Making amendments: Selecting the material to amend
  2. IHTM31132
    COMPASS: Making amendments: NIOP assets and liabilities
  3. IHTM31133
    COMPASS: Making amendments: New IOP records
  4. IHTM31134
    COMPASS: Making amendments: IOP assets and liabilities
  5. IHTM31135
    COMPASS: Making amendments: Reliefs and exemptions
  6. IHTM31136
    COMPASS: Making amendments: New Entries
  7. IHTM31137
    COMPASS: Making amendments: Deleting an Entry or assessment group
  8. IHTM31150
    COMPASS: Making amendments: Dealing with deficits
COMPASS: Calculations
  1. IHTM31171
    COMPASS: Calculations: Preparation
  2. IHTM31181
    COMPASS: Calculations: Initiation
  3. IHTM31182
    COMPASS: Calculations: The 'Calculation of Inheritance Tax' window
  4. IHTM31183
    COMPASS: Calculations: NIOP assessment
  5. IHTM31184
    COMPASS: Calculations: IOP assessment
  6. IHTM31185
    COMPASS: Calculations: IOP (WIR) assessment
  7. IHTM31186
    COMPASS: Calculations: Amendments box
  8. IHTM31187
    COMPASS: Calculations: The effective date
  9. IHTM31188
    COMPASS: Calculations: Tax previously paid
  10. IHTM31189
    COMPASS: Calculations: Reliefs against tax
  11. IHTM31190
    COMPASS: Calculations: Money (including deposits)
  12. IHTM31191
    COMPASS: Calculations: Notes
  13. IHTM31192
    COMPASS: Calculations: Adjustments to interest
  14. IHTM31193
    COMPASS: Calculations: 'OK' or 'Cancel'
  15. IHTM31194
    COMPASS: Calculations: Calculations out of sequence
  16. IHTM31195
    COMPASS: Calculations: Adjustments to COMPASS calculations
  17. IHTM31210
    COMPASS: Calculations: Issuing assessments
  18. IHTM31211
    COMPASS: Calculations: Marking calculations as paid
  19. IHTM31212
    COMPASS: Calculations: Unpaying calculations
  20. IHTM31213
    COMPASS: Calculations: Withdrawing calculations
COMPASS: Chargeable lifetime transfers
  1. IHTM31231
    COMPASS: Chargeable lifetime transfers: Introduction
  2. IHTM31232
    COMPASS: Chargeable lifetime transfers: Failed PETS
  3. IHTM31233
    COMPASS: Chargeable lifetime transfers: Additional charges
  4. IHTM31234
    COMPASS: Chargeable lifetime transfers: Immediately chargeable transfers
  5. IHTM31235
    COMPASS: Chargeable lifetime transfers: Creating a record for an immediately chargeable transfer
COMPASS: Settlement cases
  1. IHTM31241
    COMPASS: Settlement cases: Creating a record
  2. IHTM31242
    COMPASS: Settlement cases: Case structure
  3. IHTM31243
    COMPASS: Settlement cases: Entering values
  4. IHTM31244
    COMPASS: Settlement cases: Adding an Entry
  5. IHTM31245
    COMPASS: Settlement cases: Raising an assessment
COMPASS: Other features
  1. IHTM31260
    COMPASS: Other features: File notes
  2. IHTM31270
    COMPASS: Other features: Closing the record (case status)
  3. IHTM31271
    COMPASS: Other features: Archived records
  4. IHTM31280
    COMPASS: Other features: Keyboard conventions
Manual assessment template
  1. IHTM31301
    Manual assessment template: Introduction
  2. IHTM31302
    Manual assessment template: The forms
  3. IHTM31303
    Manual assessment template: Calculation details
  4. IHTM31304
    Manual assessment template: Calculating rates
  5. IHTM31305
    Manual assessment template: Printing
  6. IHTM31306
    Manual assessment template: Updating the accounting period
Assessment calculations
  1. IHTM31401
    Assessment calculations: Summary
  2. IHTM31402
    Assessment calculations: Calculation layout
Assessment calculations: Death estate
  1. IHTM31412
    Assessment calculations: Death estate: Working out the aggregate chargeable transfer
  2. IHTM31413
    Assessment calculations: Death estate: PLCT
  3. IHTM31416
    Assessment calculations: Death estate: Revision to original tax charge
  4. IHTM31417
    Assessment calculations: Death estate: Reliefs against tax
  5. IHTM31418
    Assessment calculations: Death estate: IOP cases
  6. IHTM31419
    Assessment calculations: Death estate: Tax previously paid
  7. IHTM31420
    Assessment calculations: Death estate: Interest
Assessment calculations: Lifetime events
  1. IHTM31440
    Assessment calculations: Lifetime events: Chargeable PETs and Additional Charges
  2. IHTM31450
    Assessment calculations: Lifetime events: Immediately chargeable transfers
  3. IHTM31460
    Assessment calculations: Lifetime events: Settlement charges
Assessment calculations: Recapture charges
  1. IHTM31491
    Assessment calculations: Recapture charges: When the charges arise
  2. IHTM31492
    Assessment calculations: Recapture charges: Calculating the tax on disposal of woodlands
  3. IHTM31493
    Assessment calculations: Recapture charges: Calculating the tax on cessation of Conditional Exemption
  4. IHTM31494
    Assessment calculations: Recapture charges: Next action
Assessment calculations: Deficits
  1. IHTM31500
    Assessment calculations: Deficits: Deficit of an assessment group
Calculating interest
  1. IHTM31511
    Calculating interest: The interest calculator
  2. IHTM31512
    Calculating interest: Simple cases
  3. IHTM31513
    Calculating interest: Money on deposit
  4. IHTM31514
    Calculating interest: Transfer of deposit between files
  5. IHTM31515
    Calculating interest: IT and CGT repayments
  6. IHTM31516
    Calculating interest: Repayment supplement on IT and CGT repayments
  7. IHTM31517
    Calculating interest: IOP cases
  8. IHTM31518
    Calculating interest: Increase in total tax in IOP cases
  9. IHTM31519
    Calculating interest: Decrease in total tax in IOP cases
  10. IHTM31531
    Calculating interest: General interest charge on IOP (WIR) cases
  11. IHTM31532
    Calculating interest: Increase in total IOP (WIR) tax
  12. IHTM31533
    Calculating interest: Decrease in total IOP (WIR) tax
  13. IHTM31534
    Calculating interest: Sales on IOP (WIR) cases
  14. IHTM31540
    Calculating interest: Additional interest
  15. IHTM31550
    Calculating interest: Manual adjustments to COMPASS interest calculations
  16. IHTM31560
    Calculating interest: Deposits
  17. IHTM31570
    Calculating interest: Remissions and discharges
  1. IHTM31601
    Repayments: Introduction
  2. IHTM31602
    Repayments: Overview of preparing a repayment
  3. IHTM31603
    Repayments: Authority to repay
  4. IHTM31604
    Repayments: Preparation of repayments
  5. IHTM31611
    Repayments: Summary
  6. IHTM31612
    Repayments: Simple cases
  7. IHTM31613
    Repayments: Complicated cases
  8. IHTM31614
    Repayments: Adjusting for additional interest charges
  9. IHTM31615
    Repayments: IOP without interest relief
  10. IHTM31616
    Repayments: IOP(WIR)
  11. IHTM31641
    Repayments: Sect 6
  12. IHTM31645
    Repayments: Payee(s) and address for communications ON Sect 6
  13. IHTM31646
    Repayments: Interest supplement details
  14. IHTM31647
    Repayments: Reviewing officer's check
  15. IHTM31648
    Repayments: RSO's check
  16. IHTM31660
    Repayments: Sect 83
  17. IHTM31661
    Repayments: Informing the taxpayer
  18. IHTM31662
    Repayments: Authorised payee
  19. IHTM31663
    Repayments: Repayments over £150,000
  20. IHTM31665
    Repayments: Interest supplement
  21. IHTM31666
    Repayments: Satisfaction of assessment by deposit and repayment of balance
  22. IHTM31667
    Repayments: IHT Direct Payment Scheme cases
Repayments: Offset repayments
  1. IHTM31681
    Repayments: Offset repayments: Introduction
  2. IHTM31682
    Repayments: Offset repayments: Setting off money at the same entry
  3. IHTM31683
    Repayments: Offset repayments: Setting off money at a different entry
  4. IHTM31685
    Repayments: Offset repayments: Sending calculations to the taxpayer
  5. IHTM31686
    Repayments: Offset repayments: Non-payment of assessments
Checking repayments
  1. IHTM31700
    Checking repayments: Additional action if the repayment is referred to you for authorisation
Cancelling a payable order
  1. IHTM31711
    Cancelling a payable order: Reasons to cancel a payable order
  2. IHTM31712
    Cancelling a payable order: Cancellation and re-issue of payable order
  3. IHTM31713
    Cancelling a payable order: Cancellation with no re-issue
Other repayment issues
  1. IHTM31720
    Other repayment issues: Provisional repayments
  2. IHTM31722
    Other repayment issues: Erroneous or excessive repayments
  1. IHTM31751
    Deposits: Introduction
  2. IHTM31752
    Deposits: Using the deposit
  3. IHTM31753
    Deposits: More than one assessment
  4. IHTM31754
    Deposits: Retention of deposits
  5. IHTM31755
    Deposits: Offer to place money on deposit by the taxpayer
  6. IHTM31756
    Deposits: Money attributed to the wrong file
  7. IHTM31757
    Deposits: Problems with deposits
  1. IHTM31771
    CTDs: Introduction
  2. IHTM31772
    CTDs: Receiving the CTD
  3. IHTM31773
    CTDs: Applying the CTD
  4. IHTM31774
    CTDs: Assessing NIOP cases
  5. IHTM31775
    CTDs: Estate Duty
  6. IHTM31776
    CTDs: Cancelled assessments
  7. IHTM31777
    CTDs: If the taxpayer has lost the CTD
  1. IHTM31851
    SAGE: Introduction
  2. IHTM31852
    SAGE: Forms
  3. IHTM31861
    SAGE: Recording calculation details
  4. IHTM31862
    SAGE: Inputting COMPASS information
  5. IHTM31863
    SAGE: Inputting template or manuscript assessment information
  6. IHTM31864
    SAGE: The adjustments box
  7. IHTM31866
    SAGE: Matching payments received
  8. IHTM31867
    SAGE: Pre-grant payments and calculations
  9. IHTM31868
    SAGE: Deposits
  10. IHTM31869
    SAGE: Payments received before SAGE
  11. IHTM31870
    SAGE: Unpaying calculations
  12. IHTM31871
    SAGE: Repayments
  13. IHTM31872
    SAGE: Requests for receipts
  14. IHTM31891
    SAGE: What is a transaction report?
  15. IHTM31892
    SAGE: SAGE record in COMPASS
  16. IHTM31893
    SAGE: The full transaction printout
  17. IHTM31894
    SAGE: Closing cases
  18. IHTM31895
    SAGE: Balancing the record
Dealing with cheques
  1. IHTM31901
    Dealing with cheques: Dishonoured cheques
  2. IHTM31902
    Dealing with cheques: Invalid cheques
  3. IHTM31905
    Dealing with cheques: If you receive a cheque directly
Dealing with cheques: Liaison with Accounts
  1. IHTM31911
    Dealing with cheques: Liaison with Accounts and Cashiers: Contact
  2. IHTM31912
    Dealing with cheques: Liaison with Accounts and Cashiers: Accounts, Nottingham
Transferring money
  1. IHTM31921
    Transferring money: Transferring money between files
  2. IHTM31922
    Transferring money: Transferring money to the Network and other HMRC offices
  3. IHTM31930
    Transferring money: Remissions