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The bidding round for the Reuniting Europe (RE) Programme for Financial Year 2015-16 is now closed

The bidding round for the Reuniting Europe (RE) Programme for Financial Year 2015-16 is now closed. Successful bidders will be contacted by the end of April 2015.

The overall aim of the RE Programme is to support countries in the Western Balkans and Turkey on their path towards EU accession. The programme focuses, in particular, on stable institutions guaranteeing democracy, the rule of law, human rights and the respect for and protection of minorities.

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All projects submitted must directly support implementation of the RE programme strategy and at least one of the priority objectives and indicators in 2015/16. These are as follows;

Theme: Rule of Law and Fundamental Rights

Objective A: Enable Strong rule of law, including through strengthening reforms in the justice sector, countering corruption, organised crime, and promoting human rights


A.1) To establish processes and develop operational capacity to increase the efficiency, transparency, and public confidence in the judicial system, border management and law enforcement;

A.2) Develop operational capacity to support the fight against organised crime and corruption, through better inter-agency and cross-border co-operation leading to an increase in serious crime prosecutions in each country;

A.3) To develop and implement systems and undertake capacity building to reduce the burden on courts and prisons, including through inter-agency co-operation;

A.4) Enhance capacity and commitment to integrate marginalised and minority groups, which meet international human rights standards. Safeguard the rights of vulnerable communities in the justice system;

A.5) Improve frameworks to facilitate free and fair elections;

A.6) Support influential non-governmental stakeholders in promoting human rights in line with EU standards in their respective countries;

Theme: Democratic Institutions and Processes

Objective B: To establish and promote proper functioning core institutions necessary for democratic governance and economic reform in the Western Balkans and Turkey.


B.1) To support measures which deliver an effective and politically neutral civil service. These include transparent recruiting on the basis of merit, strengthened business planning and performance management systems and effective financial and HR management;

B.2) Establish and implement best practice models for policy-making, service delivery and performance measurement;

B.3) To implement structures to support planning and co-ordination of the EU integration process. These include developing capacity in local and regional authorities to improve their chances of gaining access to, and effectively deploying, EU funds;

B.5) To establish legal and institutional checks and balances in support of greater transparency in policy-making and implementation;

B.6) To support and develop processes that enable citizens to engage with elected political representatives, supporting countries improve their ranking in the Transparency International index;

B.7) To improve media capacity to act as an agent for transparency and accountability; including activity in support of media freedom and wider freedom of expression.

Frequently asked questions:

Managerial and Financial Aspects:

  • Any organisation can apply for funding. We do not accept project bids submitted by individuals,
  • Projects spanning 3 financial years are permitted (funding permitting),
  • Projects should be at a minimum of £20,000,
  • Please note that we cannot make pre-payments; the successful bidders should make the payment and then ask us to reimburse these expenses. The implementer should be able to receive money transfers from us,
  • Organisations must prove that they are able to manage the project sum in a satisfactory manner; the Embassy may request reports by auditors.


We regret that we are unable to fund:

  • academic courses or research,
  • English language courses,
  • charitable activities,
  • commercial activities,
  • infrastructure or construction projects,
  • Humanitarian aid.


  • A partnership framework to support the broader engagement of a project can strengthen your bid,
  • Other sources of funding should be specified in the project bid,
  • British Embassy’s profile in the project must be guaranteed.

Evaluation of project bids:

  • The application must relate to one or more of the programme priorities,
  • The aims should be concise, feasible and sustainable,
  • The expected outcomes should be measurable,
  • The target group should be clearly defined and involved in project implementation.

Approval, contract and reporting:

If the project is approved, the applicant will be given two copies of the contract, outlining the conditions of the grant. One signed copy must be returned to the British Embassy in Ankara.

The Embassy will require monthly financial reports and quarterly project progress reports from implementers. The first payment will be made upon the receipt of monthly financial report. Within three months of finalization of the project, the implementer is required to submit a completion report.

Revised Strategy Plan for FY 2015-16

Project Concept Bid Form



Özge Manyas, Reuniting Europe Programme Coordinator

Telephone: + 90 312 455 33 59

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