Prison service instructions (PSIs)

Policy and guidance for prison and probation professionals in England and Wales.

Applies to England and Wales

Index and notes

This page lists all current prison service instructions (PSIs). Since 2019, all new prison operational policies are published as policy frameworks.

If the PSI you want is not listed here, check the PSI index. This document lists every PSI issued and includes details of those which have been cancelled, updated or replaced by a policy framework. The index also includes the most up-to-date contact details for the owner of each PSI.

A PSI remains in force until it is formally cancelled, even if the document has passed its expiry date.

Some PSIs are not published here because they are restricted or sensitive. HR and other staff-related PSIs are not published here but are available on your departmental intranet.

If you have any questions about the contents on this page or would like an electronic copy of a cancelled policy, please , email

Probation instructions

Prison service orders

Prison service instructions index (PDF, 3.04 MB, 222 pages)

2018 instructions

Number Title
05/2018 Prison adjudications policy
04/2018 Records information management policy

2017 instructions

Number Title
07/2017 Regime management planning
05/2017 Separating prisoners from the general population
04/2017 Use of body cameras

2016 instructions

Number Title
18/2016 Public protection manual
16/2016 Information sharing agreements
15/2016 Sharing sensitive information with the Parole Board
14/2016 Handling prisoner applications to marry or form a civil partnership
11/2016 Health and safety management arrangements for manual handling operations (MS Word)
10/2016 Consulting on occupational health, safety and fire issues
09/2016 Procedures for searching cells, areas and vehicles
08/2016 Dealing with evidence
07/2016 Procedures for searching people
06/2016 Information risk management
05/2016 Faith and pastoral care for prisoners
04/2016 Monitoring and managing prisoner communications
03/2016 Adult social care
02/2016 Managing accidents and injuries in prison

2015 instructions

Number Title
38/2015 Arrangements for the monitoring and measurement of health and safety performance (PDF)
37/2015 Health and safety arrangements for risk assessment (PDF)
36/2015 Health and safety arrangements for workplace inspection (PDF)
30/2015 Amendments to the use of force policy
27/2015 Open source research on the internet and social networking sites (PDF)
23/2015 Centralised case supervision system for restricted status women and women with complex needs (PDF)
21/2015 Unauthorised possession of knives and other offensive weapons in prison (PDF)
20/2015 Cell sharing risk assessments
18/2015 Radiation safety of X-ray equipment (PDF)
17/2015 Prisoners assisting other prisoners
16/2015 Keeping adult prisoners safe
14/2015 Disposing of unauthorised property
11/2015 Fire safety in prisons
10/2015 Managing prisoners who pose an escape risk
09/2015 Identifying potential high security prisoners
08/2015 People under supervision leaving England and Wales
07/2015 Early days in custody
06/2015 Managing health and safety
05/2015 Reconsideration of NOMS central vetting decisions by exception
04/2015 Prisoner rehabilitation services
02/2015 Prison service library (PDF)
01/2015 Placing prisoners who may be deported

2014 instructions

Number Title
49/2014 Mother and baby units
46/2014 Crown copyright and licences (PDF)
42/2014 Exclusion of personnel for misconduct
41/2014 Referring probation cases for risk review
39/2014 Using offenders as mentors in the community and in custody
37/2014 Open prison and temporary release for prisoners who may be deported
32/2014 Drug appointments and drug licence conditions (PDF)
27/2014 Additional risk criteria for ex-offenders working in prison and community settings
25/2014 IT Security Policy
23/2014 Prison-NOMIS (PDF)
22/2014 Research applications
21/2014 Data gateway service: approval of data collections (PDF)
19/2014 Sentence planning
15/2014 Investigating incidents of serious self-harm or assault
14/2014 Case allocation
07/2014 Security vetting
05/2014 Checking the barred status of prisoners

2013 instructions

Number Title
23/2013 Prisoner retail
08/2013 Reviewing the categorisation of high security prisoners
04/2013 Early removal of foreign national prisoners
03/2013 Medical emergency response codes

2012 instructions

Number Title
44/2012 Prison security passes (MS Word)
42/2012 Close supervision centre (CSC) referral manual (MS Word)
32/2012 Open University higher education distance learning (MS Word)
29/2012 The instruction system: the approval and implementation of policy and instructions (MS Word)
17/2012 Certifying prisoner accommodation
14/2012 Implementation of the service specification for “Manage the sentence: pre and post-release from custody” (MS Word)
10/2012 Controlling banned (prohibited) items
09/2012 Implementation of the service specification for bail services (MS Word)
08/2012 Caring for young people in custody
07/2012 Implementation of the deliver accredited programmes specification (MS Word)
06/2012 Work and learning opportunities for prisoners
04/2012 Enablers of services in prisons (MS Word)
03/2012 Allocating prisoners to activities
01/2012 Managing prisoners’ money

2011 instructions

Number Title
76/2011 Deducting money from prisoner wages
75/2011 Residential services
72/2011 Prison discharge policy
69/2011 Install, maintain and use prison radio equipment
64/2011 Managing prisoner safety in custody
63/2011 Managing the local security strategy
62/2011 Transferring children and young people between custody and hospital under the Mental Health Act (MS Word)
58/2011 Physical education for prisoners
57/2011 Managing tools and equipment securely in prisons
55/2011 Manage and keep prison keys and locks secure
52/2011 Repatriation and removal of foreign nationals
49/2011 Prisoner communications policy
47/2011 Prison adjudications policy (cases before Feb 2019)
44/2011 Providing prisoners with ID for bank applications
41/2011 Categorising young adult male prisoners
40/2011 Categorising adult male prisoners
39/2011 Categorising women prisoners
36/2011 Psychologist report format (SPR E) (MS Word)
32/2011 Ensuring equality
30/2011 Handling mobile phones and SIM cards found in prison
24/2011 Management and security of prisons at night
23/2011 Playing films, television and music in prison
22/2011 Prison bedding fire standards
19/2011 Searching stored property
16/2011 Managing prison visits
15/2011 Visits security
14/2011 Managing prison gates
13/2011 Communications and security during internal prisoner movements
12/2011 Managing prisoner property

2010 instructions and earlier

Number Title
58/2010 The Prisons and Probation Ombudsman
50/2010 Covert testing (MS Word)
44/2010 Prisoner meals
38/2010 Activities in prison
37/2010 Prisoners’ access to the media
28/2010 Custody compacts for use in custody (MS Word)
16/2010 Confiscation orders
14/2010 Managing risk in prison industries (MS Word)
31/2009 Compact based drugs testing (MS Word)
19/2009 Restricting access to prison server and PABX rooms (MS Word)
07/2009 Housing benefit continuance forms (MS Word)
25/2008 Removable media (MS Word)
06/2008 Introduction of Brent equipment (MS Word)
39/2007 Ensuring the safety of radiation equipment when transferring healthcare
34/2007 Reintroduction of disinfecting tablets
25/2007 Releasing prisoners with travel restriction orders
09/2006 Update to PSI 47/2003: Rationalisation of doctors’ duties in prisons (PDF)
47/2005 Resettlement (PDF)
46/2005 Prison drug treatment and self harm (PDF)
14/2005 Handling complaints about prison healthcare (PDF)
04/2005 Touchscreen prisoner information systems (MS Word)
10/2004 Model induction framework for healthcare staff (MS Word)
47/2003 Rationalisation of doctors’ duties in prisons (MS Word)
46/2003 Medical treatment of prison staff by healthcare workers (MS Word)
28/2003 Pharmacy services for prisoners (MS Word)
38/2002 Guidance on consent to medical treatment (MS Word)
25/2002 The protection and use of confidential health information in prisons (MS Word)
24/2002 Strategy for promoting health in prisons (MS Word)
40/2001 Night workers health assessment (MS Word)
48/2000 The bail system (PDF)
29/1998 Food Safety Act (PDF)
44/1997 Health and safety issues with contractors (PDF)

Some older prison service instructions have been archived by The National Archives and are made available here through the UK Government Web Archive.

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