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We develop and sustain the important bilateral relationship between the UK and the Kyrgyz Republic, supporting security, democratisation and prosperity. Our work includes efforts to deepen democracy and embed an international rules-based system in Kyrgyz legislation; supporting defence and security co-operation, working to reduce conflict, encouraging sustainable economic growth, and providing modern and efficient services to British nationals.


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  1. Islamic Finance in UK

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  2. Kyrgyzstan Consular Fees

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British Embassy Bishkek

We develop and maintain relations between the UK and Kyrgyzstan. Our work covers a range of issues including security and economic growth.

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British Embassy in the Kyrgyz Republic

21 Erkindik Boulevard
Office 404


Office hours (GMT):
Monday -Friday: 3am-7am and 8am -11:30am

Office hours (Local):
Monday - Friday: 9am - 1pm and 2pm - 5:30pm

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DFID Kyrgyzstan

We support the local government with issues such as transparency, accountability and border stability.

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DFID Kyrgyzstan

21 Boulevard Erkindik, Office 404