Foreign travel advice



Although there’s no specific information regarding a threat to British citizens, we encourage you to remain vigilant in public places, stay away from crowded areas and follow any security advice from the local authorities.

On 30 August, there was a suicide bomb attack on the Chinese Embassy on the outskirts on Bishkek. You should continue to exercise caution, particularly in public places, avoid any protests or demonstrations and follow any security advice from the local authorities.

Take care if you travel to the Oblasts (Provinces) of Osh, Batken and Jalal-Abad. See Local travel

The Kyrgyz/Uzbek and Kyrgyz/Tajik borders are subject to closure without notice. There have been a number of security incidents in the Kyrgyz/Uzbek border region in recent months. See Local travel

There are occasional clashes along the disputed Kyrgyz-Tajik border. A Tajik civilian was killed in an exchange of gunfire near the Vorukh enclave in July 2014. There was a separate incident near the villages of Kok-Tash and Chorkuh in August 2015. There’s a risk of further localised violence and border closures at any time.

There is an underlying threat from terrorism. See Terrorism

There is a high risk of earthquakes. See Natural Disasters

You must carry your passport, or a notarised copy of it, at all times. See Local laws and customs

Take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance before you travel.