Research and analysis

Health profile for England: 2017

A report combining data and knowledge with information from other sources to give a broad picture of the health of people in England in 2017.


Chapter 1: life expectancy and healthy life expectancy

Chapter 2: major causes of death and how they have changed

Chapter 3: trends in morbidity and behavioural risk factors

Chapter 4: European comparisons

Chapter 5: inequality in health

Chapter 6: social determinants of health

Chapter 7: current and emerging health protection issues


This report focuses on the question ‘are we living longer, and are the extra years spent in good or bad health?’.

It summarises current trends in health outcomes in England, including:

  • life expectancy
  • health life expectancy
  • morbidity
  • mortality

It examines the impact of risk factors on these health outcomes, and considers how England compares with other developed countries.

It details health inequalities, and the impact of social determinants of health.

The 7 chapters can be read alone or as a series:

  1. Life expectancy, healthy life expectancy and years lived in poor health
  2. Major causes of death and how they have changed
  3. Trends in morbidity and risk factors
  4. European comparisons
  5. Health inequalities
  6. Social determinants of health
  7. Emerging health protection issues
Published 13 July 2017