Health Profiles

The Local Authority Health Profiles provide a snapshot overview of health for each local authority in England.

The profiles are intended as ‘conversation starters’ to highlight local issues and priorities for members, and for discussion at Health and Wellbeing Boards.

Full details of what is produced and when can be found at the Local Authority Health Profiles home page

Notification of changes to the way the Local Authority Health Profiles will be updated

The profiles will no longer contain data new to the public domain. All data in the profiles will be published in an existing PHE profile (e.g. Public Health Outcomes Framework) prior to, or at the same time as, it is updated in the profiles.

The downloadable profiles will also be updated on a regular basis (previously these were updated once a year).

Therefore, the profiles will no longer be badged as “Official Statistics” and this page will no longer be updated.

To find the latest information on what has been updated please refer to the “Recent updates” section of the profiles home page.

A full list of available PHE profiles can be found on the Fingertips home page.


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