Health Profiles

The Health Profiles provide a snapshot overview of health for each local authority in England.

The profiles are are intended to help local government and health services make plans to improve local people’s health and reduce health inequalities.

The online Health Profiles are now updated annually in May, at the same time as the Public Health Outcomes Framework (PHOF) May quarterly update. The data are presented in an interactive tool that allows users to view them in a user-friendly format.

View the online Health Profiles.

The 4-page local authority PDF documents are also updated annually, usually in July.


  1. Local Authority Health Profiles: 2018
  2. Health Profiles: May 2018 data update
  3. Health Profiles: August 2017 data update
  4. 2017 Health Profiles
  5. Health Profiles: May 2017 data update
  6. Health Profiles: February 2017 data update
  7. Health Profiles: November 2016 data update
  8. 2016 Health Profiles
  9. Health Profiles: August 2016 data update
  10. Health Profiles: May 2016 data update
  11. Health Profiles: February 2016 data update
  12. Health Profiles: November 2015 data update
  13. Health Profiles: August 2015 data update
  14. Local Health Profiles: May 2015 data update
  15. 2015 Local Health Profiles
  16. 2014 Local Health Profiles
  17. Health Profiles: indicator updates
Published 4 May 2016
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  1. Added 2018 Local Authority Health Profiles.
  2. Added Health Profiles: May 2018 data update.
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