Research and analysis

Health profile for England: 2018

The second annual report combining data and knowledge with information from other sources to give a broad picture of the health of people in England in 2018.


Chapter 1: population change and trends in life expectancy

Chapter 2: trends in mortality

Chapter 3: trends in morbidity and risk factors

Chapter 4: health of children in the early years

Chapter 5: inequalities in health

Chapter 6: wider determinants of health

Chapter 7: current and emerging health protection issues

Methods, data and definitions


This report summarises the health of people in England in 2018 and provides an update to the first Health Profile for England (published 2017). A new addition for this year’s report is the inclusion of forecast data for several key indicators, for the 5 years up to 2023 and a separate chapter on the health of children in the early years.

As a society, people are living longer but often in poorer health and stubborn inequalities persist. Good health is about much more than good healthcare – a high-quality education, a warm home, and a good job are just as important to a healthy standard of living.

For more information on your local area please see the Public Health Outcomes Framework and the Local Authority Health Profiles

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Published 11 September 2018