Cross Government Prosperity Fund programme

The Cross Government Prosperity Fund promotes the economic reform and development needed for growth in partner countries.



In 2015 the Strategic Defence and Security Review announced the cross-government Prosperity Fund from 2016 to 2021 to promote the economic reform and development needed for growth in Overseas Development Assistance (ODA) eligible partner countries. Prosperity Fund priorities include:

  • improving the business climate
  • competitiveness and operation of markets
  • energy and financial sector reform
  • tackling corruption

As well as contributing to a reduction in poverty in recipient countries, we expect these reforms to create opportunities for international business including UK companies. The Prosperity Fund is accountable to a cross-government ministerial board. The ministerial board has directed UK government departments to develop multi-year programmes in potential high impact sectors including:

  • anti-corruption
  • business environment
  • digital
  • education and skills
  • energy – low carbon
  • energy – oil and gas
  • financial services
  • future cities
  • healthcare
  • infrastructure
  • insurance
  • trade reform

A number of programmes for years 2 to 6 the Prosperity Fund (April 2017 to March 2021) have now been endorsed by ministers and are being developed by UK government departments. Details of these programmes will appear on this page as they are finalised.

For more detailed information on the Fund’s direction and priorities read the background to the Prosperity Fund July 2016.

How to bid for contracts

The majority of Prosperity Fund spend will be via commercial contracts. We are tendering programmes through the Cross Government Prosperity Framework as the preferred route to market. The Framework competition was held between 21 July and 28 September 2017 and there is no further opportunity to become a Framework Supplier, unless the framework is re-tendered at a later date. Any exceptions to the Framework will be tendered via the OJEU process and published accordingly.

Information on commercial opportunities for the Prosperity Fund will be available to registered Suppliers on the the FCO’s e-Sourcing Procurement Portal as they occur.

Further information on the rocurement processes contact

The first year of the Prosperity Fund (2016 to 2017)

The Prosperity Fund’s first annual report and it’s data release for 2016 to 2017 provide details of programmes run in the first year of the Fund. These programmes included technical assistance, capacity building and research on a range of economic policy, trade, business environment, anti-corruption and green growth issues. The projects laid the groundwork for the larger multi-year programmes operating from 2017 to 2018 onwards.

Projects took place in: Angola, Argentina, Brazil, Burma, Chile, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico, Mozambique, Nigeria, Peru , Philippines, South Africa, Tanzania, Thailand, Turkey and Vietnam.

Further information

For other general inquiries and feedback contact

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