Calling for concept notes to promote human rights in Morocco

British Embassy Rabat is calling for concept notes for a project promoting human rights.


Project Concept Note


We are calling for concept notes from Moroccan Civil Society Organisations for a project promoting human rights in Morocco under the following themes:

  • Freedom of expression and assembly
  • Children rights
  • Protection and promotion of women rights
  • Rights of people with disabilities
  • Supporting measures to enable Morocco to meet its OPCAT (Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture) commitments, including through police reforms

We are seeking a project on human rights with a maximum budget of £80,000 to be implemented between May to Dec 2017.

The deadline to submit concept notes is 19 April 2017.

Moroccan Human rights organisations and NGOs active in promoting human rights in Morocco are encouraged to apply.

How to apply?

Stage 1: Please submit a concept note in English on the attached template by 19 April 2017.

Stage 2: Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted within 7 days of the concept note deadline and will be invited to submit a full proposal by 9 May. Successful bidders will then be notified on 19 May.

Call for proposals is not a guarantee that the subsequent project proposal will be accepted for funding.

Please send your concept note to Hasnae Fathi.

Published 11 April 2017