Tax credits: general enquiries


Manage your tax credits

This service is the easiest and quickest way to:

You’ll need your National Insurance number.

Digital assistant

Use HMRC’s digital assistant to find information on:

  • tax credits
  • renewals
  • Universal Credit


Speak to an adviser online about tax credit queries.


You can use Twitter to get general help from HMRC. We cannot discuss specific cases or an individual’s tax affairs, so please do not give any personal details.

Start your tweet with @HMRCcustomers

Opening times:

Monday to Saturday: 8am to 10pm
Sunday: 9am to 10pm


Call HMRC:

When you call

This helpline uses speech recognition software, so you will be asked why you are calling HMRC. Try to answer with short phrases and words, for example:

  • “change my address”
  • “question about claiming tax credits”
  • “renewing tax credits”

If you cannot use speech recognition software, find out how to deal with HMRC if you need extra support.

You can also use NGT text relay if you cannot hear or speak on the phone: dial 18001 then 0345 300 3900.

0345 300 3900

Outside UK:
+44 2890 538 192

Opening times:

Our phone line opening hours have temporarily changed to:

Monday to Friday: 8am to 4pm

Closed on bank holidays.

This is due to having fewer advisers available to answer calls because of the measures put in place to stop the spread of coronavirus.

If your call is not urgent please use webchat to contact us.

You can also find out information in:

Best time to call:

Phone lines are usually less busy Tuesday to Thursday from 8.30am to 10.30am and 2pm to 4pm.

HMRC may ask if you want to add voice identification to your account. You can find out more in the Voice Identification Privacy Notice.

Find out about call charges


Tax credit renewal forms

Send tax credit renewal forms to this address. You do not need to include a street name or PO box.

Couriers should use a different address.

Tax Credit Office
HM Revenue and Customs
United Kingdom

Complaints or change of circumstances

Send complaints or changes in your circumstances to this address. You do not need to include a street name or PO box.

Make it clear why you’re writing. For example, write ‘change of circumstances’ or ‘complaint’ at the top of your letter.

Couriers should use a different address.

HM Revenue and Customs
Tax Credit Office
United Kingdom