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Say thank you to someone at Companies House

Send an email to say thanks for the excellent service or help you've received from a person or team at Companies House.

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How to say thanks

If you’d like to say thanks and tell us about a person or team at Companies House who has given you a brilliant level of service - send your email to

This could be someone who has:

  • gone out of their way to help you
  • been genuinely interested in your needs and responded to them
  • helped you deal with a difficult situation

The person will be told that you appreciated their effort and may even receive an award or gift voucher for their service.

What others have said

Here is some recent feedback about Companies House staff:

I wanted to say thank you to the whole Customer Care team that helps us. Thank you all and have a great Christmas. What a year…!

We recently had an issue with an Incorporation and SW in the Incorporations Team went above and beyond to assist us with our enquiry which was extremely urgent on a Friday afternoon. SW spent a lot of time investigating the issue and responded promptly with calls back to us, her assistance was invaluable. Many thanks for great service.

Thank you to all concerned at Companies House. Just to say thank you to all who assisted me in setting up the company and keeping me up today with the respective deadlines. You were a great help, with grateful thanks.

I don’t want to thank anyone in particular, just generally the service works extremely well. I’ve so far been able to filing my taxes online without many doubts and even managed to correct a mistake by going back to a previous filing. All online, all sorted in a matter of days! Thank you for all your great work! Let’s keep the economy flow and businesses prosper.

Hi to everyone who are working so hard Merry Christmas and stay safe everyone. Thanks to you all.

I’d like to thank the team on Twitter who responded to our queries when the emails and phones went unanswered. Their help was much appreciated.

Dear Companies House, I would like to forward my thanks to Case Officer Mr CW for showing a great understanding of the situation my company is going through as with many companies over the past 18 months. Looking forward to a brighter 2021.

Hi, I spoke to N earlier today about a company. N was extremely helpful but I inadvertently gave her a 1 in the subsequent feedback. In fact I had wanted to give her a 10! Thank you N. I hope you will be able to identify N and pass her my apologies and thanks.

Hi – a massive thank you for PW for all her support over the years. She is always provides a clear and prompt response to any queries. Many thanks.

Just a note to thank GC from your Customer Services for dealing with my enquiry in an excellent manner. Thank you again.

Hi there, I would like to thank D from Compliance for her help today. She explained the details of extensions relating to the deadlines for filing accounts with clarity and went out of her way to explain the consequences of not filing the accounts within the deadline. She ensured that I was comfortable with the information I was provided and was generally super helpful. Many thanks to D and Companies House!

Published 12 April 2019
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