Order certified copies and certificates from Companies House

How to order certified copies of certificates and documents held on the Companies House register.

You can order:

  • a certificate of incorporation with certified facts
  • a certified copy of a document held on the register

How to order and costs

You can place an order by:

There are 2 different types of service: standard and same day.

 Standard service

This costs £15. We aim to process these orders within 4 working days. Standard orders are sent by Royal Mail Second Class Delivery.

We’re not responsible for any costs after you’ve received your order, such as courier or legalisation costs.

 Same day service

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions, we have suspended all our same day services until further notice.

Christmas and New Year orders

We must receive any same day postal orders by 11:59pm on Monday 23 December and Monday 30 December.

We’ll only process same day collection orders until 1pm on Tuesday 24 December and Tuesday 31 December. You’ll need to collect your orders before 3pm at all our offices.

We cannot be held accountable for any postal delays over the holiday period.

Including additional facts

You can request to include additional certified facts on an incorporation certificate. These are:

  • directors’ names, and details such as date of birth or nationality
  • secretaries’ names
  • registered office address
  • the company’s objects
  • good standing statement

The good standing wording says that a company has been in continuous, unbroken existence since its incorporation and that no action is currently being taken to strike the company off the register.

We’ll only issue a good standing statement if the company is up to date with its filings. It must be a:

  • private limited company with at least one director who’s a natural person
  • public limited company with a secretary and at least 2 directors (one must be a natural person)

You cannot order certificates with information on shareholders, shareholdings or statement of capital.

Legalise a document or certificate

You can get a document legalised with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO). In countries who have signed up to the Hague Convention of 1961, this gives the document the same authenticity it has in the UK.

To get a Companies House document legalised by the FCO, it must have the original signature of a British public official. To get a document signed in person by one of our officials, you’ll need to request a certified certificate or certified copy.

Published 17 June 2019