Accessibility support for Companies House users

How we help users who need assistance because of a disability or health condition.

Our services are designed to be accessible and easy to understand. We can also provide reasonable adjustments for users with:

  • visual impairments
  • auditory impairments
  • motor impairments
  • cognitive impairments
  • speech impairments
  • seizure disorders

For accessibility support, contact us:

You can also write to us:

Companies House
Crown Way
Cardiff CF14 3UZ

DX 33050

We’ll discuss what assistance we can provide to help you meet your responsibilities. With your permission, we’ll place a note on our internal system.

For example, if you have impaired vision and would prefer us to contact you by phone – we can call to remind you when your confirmation statement or accounts are due.

Read our accessible documents policy to find out how accessible our documents are and what we’re doing to improve accessibility.

User research and accessibility testing

When designing our services, our user researchers work hard to identify and understand our users. We gather insights through:

  • surveys
  • data analysis
  • reviewing current behaviours
  • usability sessions at various locations
  • remote online testing
  • speaking to and observing people at their place of work

We also test our services to make sure people with accessibility needs can use them.

We work with external agencies to recruit customers for usability research at major cities in the UK. We also recruit customers through our user panel, to take part in user sessions at our own usability lab in Cardiff.

You can read our blogs about usability to find out more about our user research work.

Published 27 November 2018
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