Statements on live cases: Charity Commission

Statements about the opening of an inquiry or a regulatory case into a charity.

In the public interest, the Charity Commission usually releases a public statement whenever it opens a statutory inquiry into a charity. It then links to this statement from the charity’s entry on the public register of charities.

The Commission won’t release a statement if it considers that this would not be in the public interest. It may also decide not to release a statement if it would:

  • be detrimental to a particular individual or group of individuals, for example a risk to someone’s personal safety
  • contravene or prejudice requirements for confidentiality or commercial sensitivity, or risk National Security
  • cause severe prejudice to the charity and/or its beneficiaries
  • contravene the Commission’s duty to use its resources in the most efficient, effective and economic way

The Commission may also release a public statement about its non-inquiry work where:

  • there is significant public interest in the issues involved and the outcome
  • the commission needs to respond publicly to issues raised
  • other charities can learn lessons from the case

The Commission may delay release of a statement to:

  • avoid prejudicing the work of a law enforcement agency or other regulator
  • give trustees opportunity to complete certain actions within a specified timeframe
  • avoid prejudicing ongoing or pending legal proceedings

Statements on live cases are available on GOV.UK for up to 3 years after they are first published. Statements are then archived and can be accessed on the National Archives website.

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Published 10 May 2013