Inquiry reports: Charity Commission

Reports of Charity Commission inquiries carried out under section 46 of the Charities Act 2011.

The Charity Commission announces the opening of a statutory inquiry into a charity, and reports on its outcome unless it would:

  • be detrimental to a particular individual or group of individuals, for example a risk to someone’s personal safety
  • contravene or prejudice requirements for confidentiality or commercial sensitivity, or risk National Security
  • cause severe prejudice to the charity and/or its beneficiaries
  • contravene the Commission’s duty to use its resources in the most efficient, effective and economic way
  • make regulation less effective and damage public confidence in charities
  • mean that public interest in not publishing outweighs the public interest in publishing

We may delay the publication of an inquiry report to:

  • avoid prejudicing the work of a law enforcement agency or other regulator
  • give trustees opportunity to complete certain actions within a specified timeframe

After 2 years inquiry reports are archived. You can view archived inquiry reports on the National Archives website.

Inquiry reports published in 2020

Inquiry reports published in 2019

Inquiry reports published in 2018

Published 6 October 2014