Charity Commission: registration decisions

Charity registration decisions which are significant or of wider interest.

The Commission only registers organisations that:

  • meet the legal test for charitable status
  • are required to register

The Commission decides whether an organisation is set up as a charity, if the Commission should register it and if it should monitor a charity after registration.

Some charity registrations involve new purposes or set a legal precedent. The Commission publishes registration decisions it considers to be of general interest.


  1. AITC Foundation
  2. Cambridge Target Shooting Association
  3. The Charity Bank Limited
  4. Church of Scientology (England and Wales)
  5. Community Server
  6. Concordis International Trust
  7. The Countryside Alliance
  8. Cylch
  9. Druid Network
  10. English PEN
  11. Environment Foundation
  12. Full Fact
  13. General Medical Council
  14. Gnostic Centre
  15. Good News for Israel
  16. Guidestar UK
  17. Hitchin Bridge Club
  18. Independent Press Regulation Trust (IPRT)
  19. Living in Radiance
  20. Living Out
  21. Recycling In Ottery
  22. TATOC Consumer Helpline
  23. The Temple of the Jedi Order
  24. Trafford Community Leisure Trust and Wigan Leisure and Culture Trust
Published 3 September 2013