Import and export procedures

Customs declarations and documentation, dealing with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), using transit and processing systems, obtaining duty relief.


  1. Animals and animal products: international trade regulations
  2. Archiving your trade documents
  3. Authorised Economic Operator for imports and exports
  4. Automatic Licence Verification System (ALVS) across HM Government
  5. Automatic import and export licence verification
  6. Union Transit: moving goods between 2 EU territories
  7. Controls on dual-use goods
  8. Creative and cultural: international trade regulations
  9. Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight: the current system for processing trader declarations
  10. Customs procedures when transporting goods by road
  11. Customs warehousing
  12. Dispatching your goods within the EU
  13. Duty suspensions and tariff quotas
  14. End-Use Relief
  15. Exporting goods outside the EU
  16. Exporting military goods to the United States
  17. Freight forwarding: managing risk
  18. Freight forwarding: moving goods
  19. Apply for the Fulfilment House Due Diligence Scheme (Notice FH1)
  20. Government Indemnity Scheme
  21. Find out about HMRC's National Import Reliefs Unit
  22. How to value your imports for customs duty and trade statistics
  23. Import Control System
  24. Import and export clothing, footwear and fashion: international trade regulations
  25. Imports from outside the EU
  26. International trade paperwork
  27. Inward Processing
  28. Letters of credit for importers and exporters
  29. Loading goods for export from the UK
  30. Request Management Support System data on imports and exports
  31. Mutual Recognition Regulation across the EEA
  32. National Clearance Hub for goods entering, leaving or transiting the European Union
  33. Oil, gas, refining and petrochemicals: international trade regulations
  34. Other types of open general export licence
  35. Outward Processing Relief
  36. Protecting cultural objects on loan
  37. Recreation and leisure goods and services: international trade regulations
  38. Rules of origin for imported and exported goods
  39. Supplementary Declarations for exports
  40. Submitting a Supplementary Declaration when you import goods from outside the EU
  41. Telecoms, radiocomms and broadcasting equipment: international trade regulations
  42. Temporary admission
  43. Temporary storage for imports
  44. Use the National Export System to make an export declaration
  45. The New Computerised Transit System: supporting guidance
  46. The Single Administrative Document for import and export
  47. The importance of the Declaration Unique Consignment Reference
  48. Trade preference agreements: import and export
  49. Transport industry: international trade regulations
  50. UK Strategic Export Control Lists
  51. Use the New Computerised Transit System
  52. Using the PEACH system to import plants and fresh produce
  53. Wine trade: regulations
Published 1 October 2012