Import and export controls

Goods that are controlled and how to get licences for them, the UK Strategic Export Control Lists, dealing with the Export Control Organisation (ECO).


  1. Anti-dumping duty, 'countervailing' and other trade defence measures
  2. Brokering (trade) of dual-use items
  3. Chemical Weapons Convention guidance
  4. Conflict minerals
  5. Controls on radioactive sources
  6. Controls on torture goods
  7. Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora controls: import and export of protected species
  8. Creative and cultural: international trade regulations
  9. Crown exemption for controlled military list equipment and technology owned by the UK MOD
  10. Current arms embargoes and other restrictions
  11. Customs clearance for animals and animal products
  12. Do I need an export licence?
  13. EU General Export Authorisations
  14. Regulations: timber and FLEGT licences
  15. End-Use Relief
  16. Export of nuclear equipment, material and technology: 'Trigger List' requirements
  17. Exporting goods outside the EU
  18. Exporting in support of UK government defence contracts
  19. Exporting military goods to the United States
  20. Firearms and export control forms
  21. Apply for the Fulfilment House Due Diligence Scheme (Notice FH1)
  22. Get the right licences for international trading
  23. Global Project Licence
  24. Healthcare and medical: international trade regulations
  25. Import and export licences
  26. Importing Common Agricultural Policy goods
  27. Importing animal furs and skins - export of fish
  28. Importing solid ammonium nitrate at 500kg or more
  29. International non-proliferation and arms control regimes
  30. Licence types: FAQs
  31. Military End-Use Control
  32. Military Goods Open General Export Licences
  33. Guns, knives, swords and other offensive weapons: UK border control
  34. Personal food, plant and animal product imports
  35. Regulations: restriction of hazardous substances (RoHS)
  36. Standard Individual Export Licences
  37. Supplementary Weapons of Mass Destruction End-Use controls
  38. The New Computerised Transit System: supporting guidance
  39. Transhipment licences
  40. Transport document completion
  41. UK Strategic Export Control Lists
  42. Use the New Computerised Transit System
  43. Use and submit Supplementary Declarations
Published 1 October 2012