Import and export notices: alphabetical order

This collection brings together all HM Revenue and Customs notices for import and export.

All import and export notices listed alphabetically. Previous versions of the notices are available in the National Archives.

A, B, C

  1. Apply for a Binding Tariff Information decision (Notice 600)
  2. Notice 143: a guide for international post users
  3. Notice 376: Anti-dumping and countervailing duties
  4. Notice 199B: approved depositories under external temporary storage facility
  5. Notice 104: ATA and CPD Carnets
  6. Notice 112: attendance and charges by HM Revenue and Customs
  7. Notice 112A: attendance at private premises by HM Revenue and Customs
  8. Notice 117: Authorised Economic Operator
  9. Notice 3: bringing your personal belongings, pets and private means of transport from outside the EU whilst visiting the UK
  10. Excise Notice 162: cider production
  11. Notice 301: civil penalties for contraventions of customs law
  12. Notice 800: Common Agricultural Policy export procedures
  13. Notice 780: Common Agricultural Policy import procedures and special directions for goods
  14. Notice 300: customs civil investigation of suspected evasion
  15. Notice 275: Customs export procedures
  16. Notice 100: customs Flexible Accounting System
  17. Notice 760: Customs Freight Simplified Procedures (CFSP)
  18. Notice 216: customs procedures at cargo community system-UK locations
  19. Notice 3001: customs special procedures for the Union Customs Code

D, E, F

G, H, I

  1. Notice 102: General Guarantee Accounts
  2. Notice 171: hydrocarbon oils - Customs Duty
  3. Notice 362: imported antiques
  4. Notice 199: imported goods, customs procedures and customs debt
  5. Notice 365: importing animals for scientific research free of duty and VAT
  6. Notice 366: importing biological and chemical substances for research free of duty and VAT
  7. Notice 369: importing blood grouping, tissue typing and therapeutic substances duty and VAT free
  8. Notice 343: importing capital goods free of duty and VAT
  9. Notice 372: importing commercial samples free of duty and VAT
  10. Notice 364: importing decorations and awards free of duty and VAT
  11. Notice 341: importing donated medical equipment free of duty and VAT
  12. Notice 371: importing goods for disabled people free of duty and VAT
  13. Notice 374: importing goods for test free of duty and VAT
  14. Notice 368: importing inherited goods free of duty and VAT
  15. Notice 342: importing miscellaneous documents and other related articles free of duty and VAT
  16. Notice 361: importing museum and gallery exhibits free of duty and VAT
  17. Notice 340: importing scientific instruments free of duty and VAT
  18. Notice 373: importing visual and auditory materials free of duty and VAT
  19. Notice 317: imports by charities free of duty and VAT
  20. Notice 34: intellectual property rights
  21. Notice 60: Intrastat general guide

M, N, O

P, Q, R

S, T, U

  1. Notice 8: sailing your pleasure craft to and from the UK
  2. Notice SIVA1: Simplified Import VAT Accounting
  3. Notice 64: spirits in imported goods - remission of Excise Duty
  4. Notice 826: tariff preferences - imports
  5. Notice 830: General System of Preference rules of origin
  6. Notice 832: tariff preferences - rules of origin for Mexico
  7. Notice 828: tariff preferences - rules of origin for various countries
  8. Notice 375: Tariff Quotas
  9. Notice 204a: Temporary Registered Consignees
  10. Notice 199A: temporary storage and approved depositories
  11. Notice 144: trade imports by post - how to complete customs documents
  12. Notice 5: Transfer of Residence - moving to or returning to the UK from outside the EU

V, W, X, Y, Z

Published 5 December 2014