Statistics: further education and skills

Further education and skills data reported for January 2014 to present.

Statistics covering participation, learner outcomes and highest qualification held in the further education (FE) and skills sector.

These are Department for Education (DfE) publications. They are National Statistics or Official Statistics publications that comply with the code of practice for official statistics.

Additional breakdowns of this data are available at the FE data library and at further education and skills official statistics.

Changes to further education and skills statistics

DfE produces a wide range of official statistics on further education and skills, and we want to ensure they continue to remain relevant and fulfil a broad range of user needs.

We have reviewed the content, structure and periodicity of data available for this release. Please see the annex document, released with the Further education and skills: November 2017 statistics publication, that sets out the changes made from January 2018.

For further details please contact:

2018 releases

  1. Apprenticeship and levy statistics: October 2018
  2. Apprenticeship and levy statistics: September 2018
  3. Apprenticeship and levy statistics: August 2018
  4. Apprenticeships and traineeships: July 2018
  5. Apprenticeship and levy statistics: July 2018
  6. Apprenticeship and levy statistics: June 2018
  7. Apprenticeship and levy statistics: May 2018
  8. Apprenticeship and levy statistics: April 2018
  9. Further education and skills: March 2018
  10. Apprenticeship and levy statistics: March 2018
  11. Apprenticeship and levy statistics: February 2018
  12. Apprenticeship and levy statistics: January 2018
  13. Apprenticeships and traineeships: January 2018

2017 releases

  1. Further education and skills: November 2017
  2. Further education and skills: October 2017
  3. Further education and skills: July 2017
  4. Further education and skills: March 2017
  5. Further education and skills: January 2017

Apprenticeship service statistics

Changes to the way apprenticeship funding works were introduced and implemented from May 2017. Guidance about these changes and paying the apprenticeship levy can be found here.

Experimental statistics on the use of the apprenticeship service will be published on a monthly basis but content and timing may be adjusted as feedback is assessed. We will take into account what data is reported in this new system and how this is happening.

2016 releases

2015 releases

2014 releases

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  9. February 2018 release showing the latest monthly apprenticeship service registrations and commitments and monthly apprenticeship starts for 2017 to 2018 academic year.
  10. Added 'Apprenticeships and traineeships: January 2018' and 'Apprenticeship and levy statistics: January 2018' to the collection.
  11. Apprenticeship service registrations and commitments to October 2017
  12. Added 'Further education and skills: November 2017', which includes information about planned changes to this and other further education statistics releases.
  13. Change to include latest statistics from the apprenticeship service which includes registered apprenticeship service accounts and commitments, reported to 30 September 2017.
  14. Added 'Further education and skills: October 2017'.
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  18. Added a request for feedback as part of a development review for the statistical first release.
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