Customs information papers

Find customs information papers (CIPs) published from 1 January 2017.

You can find customs information papers published before 1 January 2017 on the National Archives website.

Customs information papers 2018

  1. Approval of internal temporary storage facilities - remote (CIP17)
  2. Changes to approved depositories (CIP16)
  3. Check the statistical threshold for the UK in 2019 (CIP15)
  4. Show your CITES import permit at the first point of entry in to the UK (CIP14)
  5. Changes to customs tariff rules on imported aircraft parts (CIP13)
  6. Application of the REX System by GSP Beneficiary Countries (CIP12)
  7. Changes to the Whisky Export Refund Scheme (WERS) (CIP11)
  8. Change in approach on indirect representation for some customs authorisation holders (CIP10)
  9. Changes to the additional duty rate on goods from the USA (CIP9)
  10. Changes to form C1331 used to declare a pleasure craft (CIP8)
  11. Customs examination powers (CIP7)
  12. Power to use force to search a vehicle or vessel (CIP6)
  13. Valuation procedures under the Union Custom Code - earlier sales (CIP5)
  14. End-Use procedure (CIP4)
  15. Customs duty repayment claims aren’t protected under the UCC (CIP3)
  16. Reclaim import VAT on returned goods as a Fast Parcel Operator (CIP2)
  17. EU ban on the import and placing on the market of seal products (CIP1)

Customs information papers 2017

  1. End Use procedure changes (CIP33)
  2. Reassessment of customs open-ended authorisations (CIP32)
  3. Update on the withdrawal of Low Value Bulking of Imports (LVBI) (CIP31)
  4. Withdrawal of personal credit card payments (CIP29)
  5. Changes to Transfer of Residence relief codes (CIP28)
  6. Due diligence when making customs declarations (CIP27)
  7. Find out the statistical threshold for the UK in 2018 (CIP25)
  8. Gift allowance and low value consignment relief limit in 2018 (CIP24)
  9. The Customs Comprehensive Guarantee questionnaire (CIP23)
  10. How to treat goods brought by travellers returning to the UK (CIP22)
  11. Changes to customs special procedures for the Union Custom Code (CIP21)
  12. Maintenance to the electronic Binding Tariff Information system (CIP20)
  13. Second update on the trade deal between EU and Canada (CIP19)
  14. Criteria for operating a Duty Deferment Account (CIP18)
  15. Repayment of customs charges on rejected imports: new address (CIP17)
  16. Upgrade to the New Computerised Transit System (CIP16)
  17. Upgrade to Import Control System RFC29 (CIP15)
  18. Upgrade to Export Control System (CIP14)
  19. Changes to the rules of origin in the EU-Jordan Trade Agreement (CIP13)
  20. Transfer of rights and obligations under End Use Relief (CIP12)
  21. Update on the trade deal between EU and Canada (CIP11)
  22. Preferential trade deal between EU and Canada (CIP10)
  23. Additional duty rates on goods from the USA (CIP9)
  24. Update to the Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight system (CIP8)
  25. Tonga and Ukraine removed from the General System of Preference (CIP7)
  26. National Clearance Hub: new address (CIP6)
  27. Changes to declaration type for special territories of the EU (CIP5)
  28. Change to the amendments that affect your UCC authorisation (CIP4)
  29. Export Accompanying Documents: new address (CIP3)
  30. Central Community Transit Office: new address (CIP2)
  31. Tariff changes for countries in the General System of Preference (CIP1)
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  25. Customs Information Paper 28 (2015): Authorised Economic Operators (AEO) document code change added to the collection.
  26. Customs Information Paper 16 (2015): Notice 366 - approved commodities for non-commercial research and future Notice review, has been added to this collection
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  28. Customs Information Paper 10 (2015): Authorised Economic Operators holding AEOS/F certificates has been added to this colleciton.
  29. Latested Customs Information Paper published
  30. Customs Information Paper 1 (2015): tariff preference - reinstatement of Kenya to the Market Access Arrangement, Customs Information Paper 2 (2015): tariff preference - revision to GSP+ beneficiary countries added to collection
  31. Customs Information Paper (14) 85 Tariff Preference-Extension of Autonomous Trade Measures for Ukraine and Customs Information Paper (14) 86 Tariff Preference-GSP Changes for 2015 and 2016 have been added to the collection.
  32. Customs Information Paper 75 (2014): revised guidance on the processes for Community/Common Transit and export procedures has been added to the listing.
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  34. Customs Information Paper 81 (2014): future of the Tariff Classification Helpline has been added to the collection.
  35. Customs Information Papers 73 and 74 have been added
  36. Customs Information Paper 71 (2014): new arrangements for the presentation of import entries subject to Trading Statndard controls. Customs Information Paper 72 (2014): statistical threshold - sterling figure to apply for 2015.
  37. Customs information paper 70 (2014) has been added to the collection.
  38. Customs Information Paper 69:Withdrawal of Guide to Importing and Exporting: Breaking down the Barriers has been added
  39. CIP 67 2014 added to the collection.
  40. Customs Information Paper 68 (2014): EU sanctions on exports to Crimea and Sevastopol has been added to the collection.
  41. Customs Information Paper 66 (2014): Tariff Preference; the preferential status of certain ACP countries affected by the amendment of the MAR by EU Regulation 527/2013 after 1 October 2014 has been added to this collection.
  42. Customs Information Paper 65 (2014) has been added.
  43. Customs Information Paper 64 has been added
  44. Customs Information Paper 60 (2014): fruit and vegetables - changes to the entry price system - added to the collection.
  45. Customs Information Paper 61 (2014) added.
  46. Customs Information Paper 63 and 64 have been added
  47. Customs Information Paper 59 (2014): volumes 1 and 3 of the integrated tariff of the United Kingdom added to collection.
  48. Customs Information Paper (14) 58 has been added to the collection.
  49. Customs Information Paper 57 (2014): export of cash in freight has been added to the 2014 list.
  50. Customs Information Paper 52 (2014) has been added to this collection.
  51. Customs Information Paper 56 (2014): Entitlement to Relief added to collection document.
  52. Customs Information Papers 54 and 55 have been added.
  53. Customs Information Paper 53(2014): Low Value Bulking Imports (LVBI) - CHIEF Changes has been added to CIPS 2014.
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