Government Gateway

The Government Gateway lets you use many national and local online government services safely and securely.

You need to sign up and create a Government Gateway account first.

Create an account

Some services require more information, but to sign up for a Government Gateway account you usually need:

  • name
  • date of birth
  • National Insurance number
  • email address

You’ll normally be asked to create a password, and you’ll get a user ID. You need these to register for and log in to the services you want to use.

Activating services

You must choose at least one service you want to use through the Government Gateway when you register. The department offering that service will then confirm your identity and send you an activation code by post or email.

Activation codes usually arrive within 7 days if they’re sent by post (longer if you live abroad). You can use the service after you enter your activation code on the Government Gateway website using the instructions that come with code.

Activation codes will expire 28 days after the date on the letter. If it expires you can request another activation code.

Adding extra services

After you create an account, you can register for additional services by logging into Government Gateway. For some services, you’ll be sent another activation code. They’re sent to the same address as your first activation code.

Helpdesk and log in problems

Contact the helpdesk of the service you’re using if you forget your Government Gateway password or user ID.

Replacement for the Government Gateway

Services on the Government Gateway are gradually being moved to replacement systems.

All services will have moved by March 2019.

The Government Gateway will be open until this time to ensure that your access to services will not be interrupted.