1. UK visa sponsorship for employers

    UK visa sponsorship information for employers - sponsorship licences, requirements, certificates and skilled worker tiers

  2. Sponsor a visa applicant: form SU07

    Form to confirm that you will sponsor a person applying to visit or settle in the UK. Also known as the "sponsorship undertaking form".

  3. Visas when you separate or divorce

    You must tell the Home Office if your relationship ends and you or your partner have a temporary UK visa

  4. Apply for a sponsor licence

    Apply for a sponsor licence so you can sponsor foreign workers or students to come and work or study in the UK

  5. Employees: if your visa sponsor loses their licence

    What happens if you're a sponsored employee and your sponsor loses their licence, has a suspended licence

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Guidance and regulation

  1. Register of licensed sponsors: workers
  2. Register of licensed sponsors: students
  3. Sponsor a Tier 2 or 5 worker: guidance for employers
  4. Sponsor guidance appendix A: supporting documents for sponsor applications
  5. Biometric residence permits: overseas applicant and sponsor information
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News and communications

Research and statistics

  1. Response to the Independent Chief Inspector's report on Tier 4
  2. Analysis of the points-based system: Tier 2 and dependants
  3. Identifying skilled occupations: labour market shortages
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Policy papers and consultations

  1. Review of the shortage occupation lists for the UK and Scotland
  2. Chapter 8, section 2: civil partners
  3. Chapter 8, section 1: spouses
  4. Home Office response to the report 'A re-inspection of the handling of Tier 4 sponsor licence compliance, July 2016'
  5. Home Office response to the report on a short notice inspection of the Tier 4 curtailment process
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Transparency and freedom of information releases

  1. Sponsorship transparency data: February 2018
  2. Sponsorship transparency data: November 2017
  3. Sponsorship transparency data: May 2017
  4. Sponsorship transparency data: August 2017
  5. Sponsorship transparency data: February 2017
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