Offer a trainee work experience

You can offer a trainee work experience in your business as part of their traineeship.

  1. Contact the National Apprenticeship Service to register your interest in traineeships.

  2. Partner with a training organisation to design a traineeship to meet your needs. They’ll advertise the work experience placement for you.

  3. Agree with the trainee and your training organisation exactly what you and they expect from the placement.

Register as an employer to track your vacancies on the apprenticeship vacancy system and view applications.

How long it lasts

Trainee work placements must last at least 100 hours. If your trainee gets unemployment benefits the placement can’t last longer than 8 weeks.

Pay and conditions

You don’t have to pay trainees or give them expenses, but you can if you want to.

You and your training organisation decide:

  • what days and times the trainee will come to you for work experience
  • what they’ll do

You must give constructive feedback and advice during the placement.

You should give the trainee a job or exit interview and formal feedback at the end of the placement.