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The Insolvency Service (the Insolvency Service)

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  • Calculate your statutory redundancy pay

    Calculate how much statutory redundancy you can get based on age, weekly pay and number of years in the job

  • Search the bankruptcy and insolvency register

    Search the Individual Insolvency Register for details about bankruptcy orders, Debt Relief Orders, Individual Voluntary Arrangements, and restrictions orders and undertakings

  • Applying to become bankrupt

    How to apply for bankruptcy: how long it lasts, bankruptcy restrictions, what happens to your home and assets when you're bankrupt

  • Claim for redundancy and other money you’re owed by an employer

    Claim money if you've lost your job because your employer has been made insolvent

  • Options for paying off your debts

    Alternatives to bankruptcy and the different types of agreements you can make with your creditors

  • Closing a limited company

    How to close a limited company - strike off, dissolution, voluntary liquidation - or allow to become dormant

  • Claim for loss of notice pay

    Claim compensation if your employer is insolvent and you weren't paid for your notice period

  • Your rights if your employer is insolvent

    If your employer is 'insolvent' this means it cannot pay its debts - your rights if this happens, claiming money owed to you, where to get advice

  • Apply for bankruptcy

    How to apply for bankruptcy online: how much it costs, get help paying the fee, what you’ll need

  • Search for disqualified company directors

    Check if someone is disqualified from being a company director, when their disqualification starts and ends, why they were disqualified

  • Make and serve a statutory demand, or challenge one

    Statutory demands are a formal way of asking for a debt to be paid - get the forms to send, cancel or set aside a statutory demand

  • Options if you're owed money

    Use a mediation service, send a statutory demand, go to court or make someone bankrupt if a person or business owes you money

  • Liquidate your limited company

    Compulsory and voluntary liquidation, the liquidation process, how liquidation affects company directors and the role of a liquidator

  • Check if a company is being liquidated or in provisional liquidation

    Search for details of companies involved in insolvency proceedings, liquidation, frozen assets

  • Complain about a limited company

    Complain about or report company for breaking the law or committing fraud, running scams, or selling faulty products of services

  • Contact an official receiver

    Get contact details for official receivers in England and Wales

  • Options for dealing with your debts

    Find out what help you can get if you cannot pay your debts

  • Company director disqualification

    When you can be disqualified from being a director of a company - how the process works, investigations, what happens if you're banned

  • Find an insolvency practitioner

    Find a licensed insolvency practitioner in your area.

  • Apply to bankrupt someone who owes you money

    Making someone bankrupt is one way to recover money owed to you – bankruptcy petition fees and download a guide to creditor bankruptcy petitions